2016 Honda Pilot Elite AWD – Photo Flyaround Shows Classy LEDs, All-New Look

 2016 Honda Pilot Elite AWD - Photo Flyaround Shows Classy LEDs, All-New Look

Updated 10.18.15 with 37 New Photos

The 2016 Pilot is nearly unrecognizable. It is completely new from all sides, with the next-gen Honda face and LEDs brightly glowing front and rear. While the silhouette of the new Pilot’s nose, windshield and glasshouse is extremely rakish now, the dimensions also appear to have grown quite a bit. The second row and rear overhang are particularly jumbo in this new design from the exterior. Inside, of course, you get the benefits of that large and in-charge profile.


The new 2016 Honda Pilot is here! With a striking new design that moves away from the blocky look of the current model, this eight-seater promises improvements in almost every single way. The biggest news for drivers is an all-new nine-speed automatic transmission for top trims, plus a redesigned AWD system that can move more torque to either axle than before.

Inside, a total redesign makes things far smoother, quiter and safer than before. Upgraded entertainment and touch-screen nav and climate controls are welcome, as are the advanced safety systems to be offered on the 2016. In this family-dominated segment, safety scores and tech really are deciding factors among shoppers.

How soon, and how much!?

The 2016 Pilot’s arrival timeframe is quoted as Summer 2015 — so shoot for it to be on Honda showroom floors by mid-June. Pricing is likely to be almost identical to the current model, with base prices of around $30,000 and up to ~$44,000 with every option.


2016 Honda Pilot Elite AWD