Auto Industry Insider: 7 Car Upgrades to Consider in 2020

Looking to improve your car in 2020? The start of a new year is always the best time for making changes and improvements in all areas of your life, including your vehicle. Whether you want to improve the look, comfort or performance of the car (or all three) there are lots of good options for ways in which you can make improvements which will help to make this the best year with your car yet.

You do not always have to spend a fortune to make big improvements to your car either – read on for a few suggestions for improvements to try.

  1. ECU Remap

Anyone looking to improve the performance of their car should seriously consider an ECU remap. This involves reprogramming the engine control unit (ECU) to remove limitations and improve performance – this might include increasing power and improving both economy and emissions for a completely revamped driving performance.

  1. New Tires

New tires are always a smart upgrade much like investing in a good pair of shoes. New tyres which are well-maintained and kept at the right pressure will help to improve efficiency and keep the car on the road for much longer, so they are certainly an upgrade worth considering.

  1. Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a smart upgrade because it improves the physical appearance of the vehicle while also providing an important protective layer. Ceramic coating from specialists like CARPRO CQuartz provides an eye-catching gleam to the vehicle but it can also protect against UV rays, water, dirt and various other chemicals which can damage the exterior.

  1. Cold-Air Intake

A cold-air intake allows cooler air to be sucked into the engine for combustion which can equate to more power and greater efficiency. This can make a big difference to your car’s performance and it is a relatively easy and affordable upgrade to make.

  1. Backup Camera

Do you struggle with parallel parking and/or reversing? These are areas that give many motorists stress and anxiety which can be greatly reduced with a backup camera. These allow you to easily see what is behind you at all times so that parking and reversing can be easier, safer and less stressful.

  1. Interior LED Lighting

Interior LED lighting can transform the interior of your car and add plenty of style and personality. It is an easy upgrade to make, but one which can completely change how you feel about being inside the automobile.

  1. Window Tint

There are many good reasons why you should consider tinted windows and it is one of the more popular car mods to choose from. Tinted windows can provide privacy while driving, block UV light, reduce heat in the car and also increase security as thieves will not be able to see what (or who) is inside.

Try these upgrades in 2020 and it will breathe new life into your car. You do not always have to buy a new car to have an improved ownership experience, and these are just a few of the modifications that you can make which can make a huge difference to the look, comfort and performance of the car.

Featuring the 2020 Honda Civic Coupe