2021 Honda Insight Has Higher Price Tag, Gains New Technology And Color

Honda has released new information regarding the 2021 Honda Insight hybrid. The Insight gains a number of mild updates for the new model year which aim to not only help it remain competitive, but to also help it bring the fight to other hybrid entries that are vying for the top spot in a rapidly evolving marketplace.


A key change is in pricing, with Honda revealing that the base LX model is still holding firm at $23,855 which includes the $955 destination fee. The base feature list also remains largely the same, but the EX and Touring see a switch in blind spot monitoring offerings. Traditional blind spot monitoring is standard on both models, with lights in the mirror illuminating and making an audible noise to alert the driver that a vehicle is in their blindspot. This replaces the outgoing LaneWatch system which used a camera to actually show an image of the passenger side blind spot when the turn signal for that side was activated. While the technology was pretty novel for its time when it first appeared, the system did not extend to the driver’s side, and it also robbed occupants use of the center screen when it was in use (we experienced this first hand with a Civic we reviewed last year.) This improvement is also a bargain too, with prices for both models only going up by $500 to $25,765 and $29,795 respectively.

Lastly, an all new shade of red will also be hitting the Insight color portfolio with Radiant Red Metallic making its debut. The color is prominently featured in the company’s press photography, with the new hue also complimenting the darker Crimson Pearl red that is already available. Otherwise, it is mostly buisness as usual for the Insight, with powerterain, interior technology, and the basic exterior motif all being largely unchanged for the 2021 model year.

Honda claims that the 2021 Honda Insight will begin arriving in Honda showrooms tomorrow, but don’t expect them to fly off the shelves anytime soon. The nation is in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the ripple effects of this crisis are resonating through out the economy, with car sales expected to take a massive slide downward.