Own This Authentic 1969 McLaren M10-A To Be A Racing Hero

One thing I love about the English car mag culture is their enthusiasm for track days – and track day cars.

Own This Authentic 1969 McLaren M10-A Racing Hero36

I hope this catches on here, and am doing my part with a few ‘first-times’ under my Dunlop belt.


But one thing that will always beat an Exige S or other time-attack miracles?

A real, fire-breathing race car.

Own This Authentic 1969 McLaren M10-A Racing Hero38

Nothing will bring all those study hall sketches to life like this 1969 McLaren M10A currently for sale by FantasyJunction in Emeryville, California.

Priced at $160,000, this car comes with a drooling list of included equipment, and stretch-folders full of its racing documentation and provenance.

Own This Authentic 1969 McLaren M10-A Racing Hero31

An extra nose cone is a nice treat. But nothing will ever top that giant, high-mounted wing.

Second to the Lola fan cars, this is about as incredible as vintage racing got in the era before computers.

Own This Authentic 1969 McLaren M10-A Racing Hero23

So good at creating grip, the tall wing was eventually banned.

1969 McLaren M10-A 300-09 Animated GIF

But the Chevy 5.0-liter V8 this car runs was – and is – LeMans-ready with its huge torque sent to those giant real spinners through a good old “break your arm” manual racing gate.

Own This Authentic 1969 McLaren M10-A Racing Hero20

Nobody in the AMG cars or M3’s at U.S. track days will come into the pits with as huge a grin, or more real racing grit in their teeth, than this dream car’s next owner.

1969 McLaren M10-A Formula 5000 – Tallpapers


Excerpts from the M10-A 300-09’s official bio at Fantasy Junction motor cars in California

Own This Authentic 1969 McLaren M10-A Racing Hero36

The history of 300-09 is well substantiated. Included with the sale are no less than eight letters from previous owners or involved parties from the original importer Ray Caldwell to the current custodian which confirm the history of continuous ownership. Also included within the paperwork is the Verification Statement issued by Trojan Cars and executed by Peter. J. Agg as Chairman and Managing Director of McLaren of Trojan. Also included with the sale is the current historic racing log book, as well as receipts for regular upkeep over the last seven years of selective, fair weather use.

Own This Authentic 1969 McLaren M10-A Racing Hero44

The car can be best described an an immaculate, race ready example today. It is cosmetically beautiful with an extremely straight and highly polished tub, very nice paint and brightwork, and exceedingly tidy mechanical presentation. The car is not over-restored gleaming piece of jewelry, but rather a highly functional, clean representation of the cars of the era.

Own This Authentic 1969 McLaren M10-A Racing Hero45

The current owner and driver, whom has been involved in motor racing since 1958 reports recently installing a new clutch master and slave cylinder, and confirms the car to be event-ready. While his ownership and competition exploits with s/n 300-09 has been a delight to-date, his 80th birthday is approaching, the current custodian is ready to pass the torch.

Own This Authentic 1969 McLaren M10-A Racing Hero41

In keeping with active historic racing competition standards, the sale of s/n 300-09 is accompanied with the following helpful spares:
1) Spare Nose
2) Two sets of “Nostrils”( these fit on the car as a portion of the Nose–and serve to divert air from the radiator up and over the skin of the tub).
3) One new rear wing (unused).
4) One box of used transmission parts and gears (changed the gear ratios in the transmission- for better acceleration- which brought the top end DOWN to approx 185mph at 7500 rpm!)
5) One spare battery (used).
6) Three Oil filters (new).
7) Belts for motor driven accessories (used).
8) Brake Roters (complete set-used but usable).
9) Brake pads (used, but usable).
10) Spark Plugs (new).
11) Six tires (four Slicks and two machine grooved slicks–the tires on the car and the spare “machine grooved” Slicks were provided by Roger Kause Racing).
12) Four original wheels.
13) Quick-lift jack–two piece (used to lift the front of the car when needed for quick service in the “Pits”).
14) The original straight pipes with end covers. [we replaced this exhaust system with a muffled system which did not reduce power, but held the exhaust sound down to a lever acceptable to the race organizers at West Coast (and other) Tracks]. After installing the new exhaust system the current owner never had a problem passing sound in the Northwest.
15) One set of Spicer Universal Joints (for the rear drive shafts).
16) One brass radiator (used).
17) One set of tail/stop lights with the bracket to retain them.

Price: $159,500
Ideal for historic competition around the globe, this M10-A offers infinite opportunity for its new owner in the Formula car ranks. Competition aside, as one of the most romantic and exciting tubbed McLarens ever produced, and with the 50th Anniversary of the marque currently being celebrated, and awareness of of the brand growing, it is likely to prove to be an intelligent investment as well.

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