550HP 1969 Ford Bronco Supercharged by Velocity Restorations

On the long list of incredible big-boy (or girl!) toys to get once you make it big, a classic Ford Bronco is definitely up there near the top for many of us.

A perfectly resto-modded example makes driving it a pleasure from day one, and also reduces the years-long headaches most DIYers would encounter trying to restore one themselves.

Velocity Restorations specializes in Broncos and has a few turn-key examples ready for delivery. This latest example might be my favorite — its glossy wet-look black paint, beefy stance and gorgeous cabin make quite an impression even while parked. Favorite details include the cooled Italian-leather bucket seats/wrapped dash and the bright-red engine block.

Then you get on the road and discover this beauty is essentially a short-wheelbase Raptor!  But with a supercharged V8 instead — arguably the powertrain all Raptors truly deserve.  A turbo would be totally out of character with a retro ride… but somehow a supercharged 5.0-liter Coyote V8 seems like the perfect match. Wilwood racing brakes and a rock-crawler axle/suspension setup mean you can actually off-road this beaut with confidence.

Check out the impressive spec list below the photo galleries, with links to Velocity’s site to get more details on pricing and delivery options.

1969 Ford Bronco Supercharged by Velocity Restorations

Official Release


Heated and Cooled Seats, Italian Distressed Leather and

Whipple Supercharger Included

Pensacola, FL (February 2019)—Velocity Restorations, the 4×4 restoration experts, have crafted a 1969 Bronco for those with discerning off road taste.  From heated and cooled seats with Italian distressed leather, to power retractable steps and a 2.9L Whipple supercharger, there is a great deal to appreciate about this first generation Ford. 

 Other refinements added by Velocity Restorations include a custom Velocity exclusive LED-illuminated instrument panel, custom black PPG paint with matching wheels, a Kicker sound system, and modern LED headlights.

 “This is the most luxurious  Bronco we’ve built to date,” said Brandon Segers, Velocity Restorations Co-Owner.  “We wanted to offer the most opulent original Bronco on the market and build a vehicle that can be both a daily driver and a show car.”

 More than 2000 hours went into the frame-off restoration and modification process.  This represents one year of work and a 500 hour increase over Velocity Restorations’ normal restomod process due to all the additional upgrades this trick truck received. The process was broken down into four phases, each corresponding with a specific department in Velocity Restorations’ shop: Planning and Design, Rust Repair and Metal Fabrication, Paint and Body, and Mechanical. Each of these phases and departments has its own set of trained technicians. No technician works outside of his department.  

 The Velocity Restorations 1969 Ford Bronco includes: 

Drive Train

•        Ford 5.0 Coyote Engine

•        6-Speed Raptor Transmission

•        2.9L Whipple  Supercharger

•        Atlas Transfer Case

•        3” Performance Exhaust


•        4 Wheel Wilwood Disc Brakes

•        Dana 44 Front Axle

•        Ford 9” Rear Axle

•        T-Rex Radius Arms

•        2.5” Suspension Lift

•        Hydroboost Assisted Braking

•        Powder-coated Chassis



•        Method Wheels

•        295x70x17 Grabber Tires

•        JW Speaker LED Headlights

•        PPG Custom Paint

•        VR Exclusive Billet Headlight and Taillight Bezels

•        Velocity Exclusive Bumpers

•        One-Piece Power Windows

•        Flush Mounted Glass


•        Vintage Air A/C System

•        Italian Distressed Leather with Diamond Stitching

•        Heated and Cooled Seats

•        Velocity Exclusive Panels with LED Illumination

•        Dakota Digital Gauge

•        Pioneer Digital Head Unit

•        Kicker Sound System

•        ldidit Tilt Steering Column

Add on Accessories

•        Synchronized Dual Wipers

•        Twin Stick 4WDShifter

•        Power AMP Retracting Steps

•        6-PointRollCagewith Frame tie-ins and LED dome lighting


Velocity Restorations specializes in frame off modified restorations for modern driving, comfort and reliability.  With meticulous attention to detail, every piece of the truck was restored, resulting in a rugged Bronco that is comfortable, reliable and eye-catching from every angle.

Visit the Velocity Restorations website: www.velocityrestorations.com for photos, product information and updates.

About Velocity Restorations: Velocity Restorations founders Brandon Segers and Stuart Wilson started in the restomod industry by restoring classic Ford Broncos. Ten years later, Velocity Restorations specializes in vintage truck and classic car restorations of any magnitude. Every project gets the passion and attention to detail your classic car deserves. For more information visit: https://www.velocityrestorations.com/