2018 RAM 2500 Limited 4×4 Long Box – Road Test Review – By Matt Barnes

When thinking of an HD pickup truck, the first things that come to mind are diesel power and a terrible ride. Only one of those two things is true with the 2018 Ram 2500 Limited Crew Cab 4×4 Long Box. Our test vehicle came with a lot of upgrades and packages, making it one of the most comfortable three-quarter ton trucks we have ever driven. Exterior This was an attractive truck from nearly any angle. It really stood out from all the other vehicles around it due to its enormous size and alluring deep indigo red paint. The Limited Tungsten …

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Why Americans Love Trucks

The United States is known for a lot of great things — barbeque, football, apple pie, bald eagles and Play-Doh, just to name a few. The U.S. is also known for its nearly universal love of pickup trucks. These vehicles are among the most popular in the country. Why are trucks so popular in America? A Long and Varied History We haven’t always been able to run to the grocery store to bring home the bacon — just a couple hundred years ago, more than 95 percent of American citizens lived and worked on farms. By the early 1900s, that …

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World Premiere Freightliner Inspiration Truck

Who’s Winning the Race to Driverless Trucking?

Driverless cars are a hot topic in automotive circles, and the introduction of Tesla’s electric semi’s is set to turn the long-haul trucking world on its head — if they ever get around to releasing it. While Tesla is one contender in the race toward driverless trucking, they may not be the frontrunner when you look at the other contenders. Otto Despite the bad press surrounding Uber, it recently acquired a San Francisco based startup company that can turn any big rig or semi into a self-driving vehicle. Otto’s set up isn’t at risk of putting drivers out of a …

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2017 Nissan TITAN SL 4×4 – Road Test Review

Trucks are all about strength.  Why not have more towing, hauling and running power than you might need?  There is huge peace of mind in knowing you have so much excess capability. At some point, though, that extra muscle makes life more difficult.  That point is arguably between 1500 and 2500 pickups.  Yes, the 2500s have even more giant motors and higher tow ratings.  The new Nissan Titan bridges this gap and aims for 1500 ease of use but near 2500 size and stats. The Titan XD straddles that gap perfectly and the XD option comes standard with the 5.0-liter …

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Meet the Original 1964 Ford GT40 Concept and 1965 GT40 Roadster Prototype 11

Concept Flashback – 1965 GT40 Roadster Prototype

The GT40 was actually a pretty derivative design – with a chassis and overall structure partially borrowed from Lola. But the GT40 as it came from Lola was not a winner right away. While the Mark I GT40 is a bit more pure, and a lot more beautiful by many eyes — it was not a race-winner. The GT40 started winning races with the Mark II GT40 with its huge air scoops, front sill spats, and other aero mutations to the overall design. But still – it is hard to argue with the clean beauty of these initial concept prototypes. …

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Insider: Don’t Buy a Used Truck Without Completing This Checklist

Many auto dealerships only sell “certified” used cars, but you should still go over the vehicle with a fine-toothed comb. Kicking the tires isn’t enough. Perform the following eight actions before you say, “I’ll take it.” 1. Shop in Daylight Don’t shop for your used truck at night. Examine any vehicle in full daylight on level ground. This ensures you see all defects and levels out engine fluids. When you browse Southwest Motors full line up of used Trucks or any other dealer’s inventory, it’s best to do it in bright daylight.   2. Inspect Joints Run your fingers along …

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