Supercar Showcase: ItzKirb Photographs the 2011 Lexus LFA

ItzKirb Photography is a fancy name for one brilliant artist. A man whose camera lenses really bring supercars to life on film.

ItzKirb LFA

And to do that, he gets to prowl around his favorite locations driving multi-million-dollar exotics – which is a great reason to wake up for work!

ItzKirb  also has a fine eye for beauty in women, boats, and other fast-moving objects.

ItzKirb Photographs the Lexus LFA 2

He brings his best lighting and magic eye to all topics. The 2011 Lexus LFA is quite beautiful from where he stands, I think you will agree.  ItzKirb Photographs the Lexus LFA 17

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And if you like these, stay tuned for upcoming news featuring his wild 911 GT3 RS…

IMG_6051-tile IMG_6051-vertItzKirb LFA