Viva italia, new instagram rendering slips off the track suit and reveals the inner beauty of Essenza SCV12 Speedster

We’ll admit that we were very excited when a lone image of a mysterious Lamborghini prototype was unleashed onto the internet by Lamborghini Squadra Corsa (Lamborghini’s racing arm.) The mysterious car looked like a stylish and sensuous update of the Essenza SCV12, and it appeared to even embrace a speedster layout. But there’s one key problem, only one image exists, and while it’s nice seeing the mysterious speedster in profile proudly wearing its vivid orange wrap like an 80s track suit, we prefer having face to face introductions when meeting someone or something new. Thankfully, Instagram artist FutureCarsNow has stepped up to the plate, and has offered their take on the mysterious raging bull.

This time, we get a look at what the front end could end up looking like, and like we have initially suspected, futurecarsnow chose to embrace the accepted theory of this thing having sizable amounts of Aventador DNA in its genetic makeup, with the headlights and the basic design of the front bumper being carried over from the fore-mentioned supercar. However, we get to see a far better (and more flattering) angle of the speedster profile, and the orange wrapping paper has been discarded for a black paintjob that features sharp green contrast areas, and even a number 63 emblazoned on its sides. The wheels even feature a slick spoke pattern, and green lighting was added to help highlight the spoiler and some of the other parts of the car. Its a very nice interpretation, and while we still have not gotten a glimpse of the interior as of yet (rendered or otherwise) we suspect that some core Aventador elements will be on display to balance out the things that are missing, specifically the doors, windows, windshield etc.


When the original Essenza first appeared on the scene, Lamborghini made it clear that it was a beast that was made for the track only, with no hope of it being road legal, so look for this speedster to perhaps also be limited to the confines of a race track (heaven forbid if it made too much noise to wake up the neighbors. With the rest of the car shrouded in a tight bubble of secrecy, not much has emerged about what kind of platform it will exactly have or performance. With the strong Aventador ties that make themselves obvious when viewing select pieces of the speedster, chances are good that a twelve cylinder engine will be lurking underneath the seductive bodywork, but how much testosterone has been injected into the engine will perhaps be revealed in the future. We also hope to see final performance numbers soon, with the radical removal of parts perhaps helping to cleave some flab from its flanks, especially when compared to the original Essenza.