2020 Toyota Supra Color Range Revealed

With all the buzz and hype surrounding the unveiling of the reborn 2020 Toyota Supra sports car, it’s perhaps fitting that the newest item on Toyota’s news page is Supra related information, this time regarding the full suite of colors that buyers will be able to choose from.

In addition to meeting one of the Launch Edition colors at the Supra’s NAIAS debut (Renissance Red,) the company also revealed that the other two launch colors will be Absolute Zero White, and Nocturnal Black with all three gaining red mirror caps and other contrasting accents as part of the Launch Edition package.

After this initial production run is completed, the rest of the color lineup will have their chance to shine with Tungsten Silver, Downshift Blue, Turbulence Gray, Phantom Matte Gray, and Nitro Yellow rounding out the artistic festivities. As expected from an offering like this, Toyota revealed that buyers will be asked to pay extra for certain colors.


Toyota also clarified the pricing structure for the new Supra, with all Launch Edition models starting at $55,250 with Premium models boasting a slightly tamer $53,990. Base 3.0 models will relieve your pocket book of $49,990, and pricing for all three models does not include options and fees, as well as the dealer adjusted value strategim used by some dealerships. As such, unless you score a good deal with your salesman, expect the bulk of Supra sales to rest squarely in the $50,000 region.


But if your willing to fully navigate the financial obstacle course between you and the Supra of your dreams, the car will reward you with a 335 horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 that is paired with an eight speed automatic, and standard rear wheel drive. No manual will be offered for now, but a 4.1 second 0 to 60 time should still be a good enough enticement for the bulk of Supra buyers.