Hyundai Teases Kona N, Confirms More Will Be Revealed April 27th

Long teased and the subject of numerous rumors around the world, Hyundai revealed that it plans to pull the cover off of the 2022 Kona N on April 27th with the Kona’s appearance also serving as a launching point for some of the sub-brand’s other upcoming models too as it looks to become a legit competition to the likes of the M, and AMG models.


2022 Kona N Promises To Be A Potent Hauler

Before we pull out the crystal ball on N’s other models we might as well focus on the present and talk about the 2022 Kona N. This model will be the pinnacle of Kona performance and answer some questions that few dared to ask. For example, what would it be like to cram some of the Veloster N’s charm into a tiny CUV? We’ll find out soon enough with the N variant being powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that’s good for 276 horsepower. The Korean car giant is not ready to talk about final torque numbers just yet, but past rumors suggest that the Kona N will be front-wheel drive and will benefit from a limited-slip differential to help keep this party animal very civilized.

Unlike the Veloster N, no manual transmission will be coming to the Kona N with that model being equipped with the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic that Hyundai first debuted in the Veloster a short while ago. Since the Kona is more of a family hauler versus its hatchback partner in crime we suspect the gearbox will have some tweaks to the ratios and some of the hardware to accommodate the Kona’s platform. Some prior teaser sketches released by Hyundai reveal that the front end will be radically altered with three prominent snorkels near the hood line as well as racier bodywork scattered throughout.


When Can I Buy One and What’s In Store For The Future?

For the moment we don’t have very much to go on other than confirmation that the Kona N will be coming to the United States and that it will be on sale sometime this year. Look for pricing to be a noticeable step up from the range-topping Kona Ultimate model but that’s a welcome price to pay for the extra performance that you will get when you take this spirited CUV out on the road.

As for the future Hyundai’s video appears to indicate that their mascot “N-Man” will have a very busy itinerary on his plate in regards to that. It’s already known that the N treatment is coming to other Hyundai models and will also accompany the tamer N-Line package to showrooms. The Elantra and the Sonata will be among the first models to benefit from the N-Line package and it’s only a matter of time before it ultimately makes its way to the SUV lineup. We also look forward to perhaps having an opportunity to hear about N’s long-rumored halo car which was first talked about a few years ago, but has since been flying under the radar.