2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Limited review by Ben Lewis

If you’re interested in EV’s, Kia/Hyundai have to be on your map. We recently tested the fantastic Kia EV9 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, and found them to be delightful, capable and fun. They’re the kind of vehicles that convert gas vehicle owners to EV fans with one quick test drive!

With the EV9 and Ioniq 5, you’re talking sensible crossover/suv type vehicles, but what if you want something more sedan, more sexy? Enter the Hyundai Ioniq 6.

Sexy, indeed

We really like the looks of the 6, but were pleasantly surprised by the loads of compliments our tester got. This ‘aint no Tesla you see everywhere you go!

The Ioniq 6 has its own unique look that stands out in any crowd. Hyundai calls the design “Electrified Streamliner”, and you can certainly see the aero influences. Up front is a smiling face, with LED headlights and the 6’s styling motif of little squares Hyundai calls Parametric Pixels.

We’ll take Hyundai’s word that there are over 700 of those cube-shaped pixels wrapped around the car. We found it unique and fun. Being an EV, there’s no need for a traditional front grille, which leads to a smooth look, with a lower fascia that gives a big grin to oncoming traffic. The front also features active grille shutters that can help cool the battery pack.

 The profile is super sporty and coupe like – a big difference from the squared-off Ioniq 5 – with a sleek line at the back that gives off the vibe that the 6 is a hatchback. But don’t be fooled, this is actually a sedan with a separate trunk. Sharp cut-ins on the lower doors give an athletic look, and we think our tester’s 20-inch rims are one of the most attractive wheels on any car today – and they really help to sell the sporty motif.

The rear of the 6 is no less unique, starting with a cool spoiler below the rear window, a built-in rear trunk lid lip, I O N I Q 6 spelled out in block letters, and loads and loads of Parametric Pixels. Serving up some contrast is a blacked-out lower fascia that looks aggressive as well. While this is a stunning design, what really sold it for us was the optional Serenity White paint, which highlights the lines and looks modern, crisp and sporty. We love it!

Sporty Spice

While there’s a strong similarity to the Ioniq 5, we found the Ioniq 6 interior has a sportier vibe.

Open the door and you’re hit with a feeling of space, thanks to a horizontal band that holds the vents and spans the interior. While that makes things feel wide, a two-tiered console separates the front seats and creates a cozy cockpit vibe for the driver. Gives loads of storage, too.

Hyundai likes to use the horizontal steering wheel motif, and it really fits the Avant Garde design here. And instead of a badge of some sort, the airbag cover features 4 small squares (yes, more squares!) that change colors to note different parts of the driving situation. So cool…

Also cool is the wall of info that comes courtesy of dual 12-inch digital displays. While Audi was one of the first to really develop the digital look, we think the Ioniq is world class in the function and design of their displays.

The selectable driver’s display looks futuristic, and makes the range prominent – we like that. Some manufacturers seem to want to hide range info, but let’s face it, if you’re driving an EV, even one with an excellent range, it’s still on your mind.

Infotainment is bold and beautiful on the other 12-inch display, and a few tablet-style swipes let you navigate through a few pages to call up what you need. You won’t spend you’re drive with your head buried in the displays,

Hyundai smartly provides separate controls underneath the screen, including an honest to goodness volume knob (yay!) as well as a touchpad below for access to the climate control. It’s one of those cars that you can figure out everything in a couple minutes. Good design, here.

Well, almost. Plop down into that very comfortable driver’s seat, and you’ll probably reach out to lower the window, and find your hand searching around the door panel to no avail. Sorry! The window switches are on the center console – and we never really got used to them being there. The Ioniq 5 has them on the doors where you’d expect, so we think this is a style thing, but we’re not loving it.

Soothing our nerves (ok, it wasn’t that big of a deal) is a choice of 64 colors and six dual color themes for the interior ambient lighting, which really suits an EV Of the Future vibe.

Seating is excellent up front, and quite good in back, despite the racy coupe-like lines. We noted earlier that the lines may say liftback, but this has a traditional trunk. Our tester had a power trunk opener which felt very lux, and a good space as well. The rear seats also fold to give a lots of extra room, but if hauling cargo is a big issue, we’d probably just opt for the Ioniq 5’s hatchback design.

While the interior does feel very upscale, it’s also loaded with earth-friendly materials to wow your friends like eco-process leather, bio TPO skin on the dash, bio PET fabric on the headliner, and bio paint derived from vegetable oils on the doors. There’s even recycled fishing net used in the carpet. OK, it makes you a little smug, we’ll admit it.

All this and a Rocketship, Too

Driving the 6 is a stellar experience, too.

Let’s talk range. For those going the distance between charges, the SE RWD Long Range tallies up an impressive 361 miles. On our Limited Long-Range AWD with 20” wheels you still rack up 270 miles of estimated range – more than enough to get you around without much anxiety. Power starts at 149 hp for the most basic model, up to 320 horses on All-Wheel Drive models like our tester.

One of the things that make the Ioniq a great choice is the DC ultra-fast charging capability, which can ramp you up from 10% to 80% in as little as 18 minutes – super quick!

Speaking of fast, our tester’s 320 horses love to run! While it is silent and vibration free, the 6 easily pushes you into the back of your seat and zips to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, which is plenty fast. This is more than a one-trick pony, too. The handling is inspiring with plenty of grip, and although the vehicle is heavy, the weight is set low, so you feel hunkered down – it responds like a great sport sedan.

It’s also a great everyday car. Along with that EV quietness, the suspension is supple even with those big rims, and you’re loaded with tech that handles the daily drive with ease. Top features include Forward and Blind Spot collision assist, Lane Keep and Following assist, Rear Cross Traffic and Parking Collision assist. You also get an excellent Smart Cruise Control, and a super handy 360-view parking monitor. Well looked after, indeed.

 What’s the Charge?

The Ioniq 6 scores as good value, too. The lineup starts with the SE Standard Range at $37,500. With a 240-mile range, great looks and stylish interior, it’s impressive value. The range masters in the crowd should pony up for the $42,450 SE which has that jaw-dropping 361-mile range.

Our tester was the exceptionally-well-equipped Limited, and came in at $53,650. Options included Serenity White Paint ($470) and Carpeted Mats ($210). Add in $1,150 for Destination, and we rang the bell at $55,480.

Other sporty choices would include the BMW i4 at $64,700. You do get that BMW goodness, but we’re not sure it’s worth nearly $10K more! The VW ID4 comes in at $57,100. We like the sleek style of the VW, but it’s more crossover than sleek sedan to our eyes.

Jaw-dropping style, futuristic interior and storming performance, the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 remains our favorite EV sedan!