2020 Toyota Supra Spied Camo Free And Ready For Detroit

As mentioned in our prior coverage surrounding the 2020 Toyota Supra, it has become perhaps the worst kept secret in automotive history. A figurative torrent of leaks and spy photos has unleashed various aspects of the upcoming sports car to the masses (much to Toyota’s displeasure.) But amid all of this, the Supra always managed to keep its production sheet metal away from prying eyes, until now, with a lone photo prematurely revealing the final front fascia design of the revamped, and vastly improved Toyota Supra ahead of its Detroit debut in January.


Enthusiasts that were wondering whether the futuristically sexy lines of the FT-1 concept would be greatly watered down into a Camry-esque mush will be pleased to hear that Toyota designers went out of their way to avoid this ominous fate. While the unnamed photographer was unable to get any other angles of the car, the lone photo that was posted by the enthusiast forum SupraMKV does reveal that the front fascia will adopt many of the characteristics that we come to love on the FT-1. This includes the prominent nose cone, the aggressive looking vents that are carved into the front bumper, as well as the elongated headlights that reach their way towards the middle of the car. The hood of the production version is less chiseled looking than its concept twin, but we suspect this change was made to allow the Supra to comply with stricter regulations regarding pedestrian safety, especially in the European marketplace. We also suspect the rear of the Supra will be lifted largely from  the concept, but with some nods to production feasibility including a tweaked trunk design, as well as slightly altered tail lights.


As reported prior, the Supra will share its platform with the next generation BMW Z4 roadster which was unveiled earlier this year. Both companies claim that the Z4 and the Supra were designed to deliver a distinctively different driving and ownership experience, but past spy shots have revealed that the Supra will use a large amount of BMW sourced parts inside and out in another nod towards reducing production costs as well as making the project that spawned these two vehicles more in sync with each other. One advantage could be the use of an I-Drive based infotainment system whioch would be a noticeable improvement over prior Toyota infotainment system efforts.


Performance hardware for the new Supra has also been the subject of various rounds of watercooler discussion, with the latest round of rumors suggesting that the Supra will launch with BMW’s 3.0 liter turbocharged straight six engine when it makes its global debut. The Supra could also receive an application of Toyota’s hybrid powertrain technology later in its production run, with the goal of making the Supra more fuel efficient, while still allowing it to deliver the high levels of fun that the Supra nameplate has come to represent both on the street, as well as in various sources of media and lore. Rear wheel drive will be standard, and some insiders suggest that unlike its BMW counterpart, Toyota will offer a six speed manual transmission as a no cost alternative to the creamy smooth eight speed that also sees duty in other BMW models.


The 2020 Toyota Supra will make its formal debut at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January, with all the remaining unspoiled details being revealed at that time. Sales are expected to start before the end of 2019, with Toyota expected to reveal a formal launch date for its revived icon closer to its official production start date.