4.5s 2017 Mercedes-AMG GLC43 – First Drive Video + 50 Photos


Every SUV with a sprint time near the 6’s feels monster fast.

Being up that high amplifies G-forces, making even Escalade and a few other big SUVs feel fairly quick.

But what about a 4.5-second time?  Even BETTER!

This GLC43’s major advantages over rivals are its air-ride suspension with varying levels of firmness.  From pillow soft to fudgey firm – the GLC43 has impeccable ride qualities.  The handling balance of this SUV is also notable.  It really just takes to corners like a fast wagon more than a proper truck.

But this silhouyette looks amazingly practical, and the cabin is plush and modern.  In all, this is an amazing drive — with its speelbinding powers clearly on display for this video review!~

The rain could not keep the 9-speed from speed-shifting its way into our heart!


2017 Mercedes-AMG GLC43