Concept Flashback: 1964 Dodge Hemi Charger – Speedster Prototype

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HEMI CHARGER Concept Animated GIF

This one-off concept’s HEMI engine gurgles and rocks the car as it revs with indignity at the 2.3-liter turbo four heading to the 2015 Mustang.

No cubes = no pubes, the Hemi Charger growls to itself. -

Packing a 7.0-liter V8 engine with a quoted 600 horsepower, the Hemi Charger concept is

  • part Batmobile

  • part race-car

  • and part street fantasy

CarRevsDaily - Concepts - 1964 Dodge HEMI Charger15

The proportions of this machine are hilariously retro.

Clearly converted from a much longer sedan platform, the back deck of the Hemi Charger is a few feet longer than even the gigantic hood.

CarRevsDaily - Concepts - 1964 Dodge HEMI Charger3

A chopped windshield glass offers some California cool to the style, and also incorporates a rear roll-bar with integrated headrests. These were helpful in the era of low-back racing bucket seats.

CarRevsDaily - Concepts - 1964 Dodge HEMI Charger21

Some of the nose detailing was not on-trend – even in the 1960s – including the too-big round headlights, but was refined and updated for the production Chargers to make them seem less friendly from the front.

RM Acutions 64 Hemi Charger Mont2011

This concept has been sold twice by RM Auctions in the last decade, most recently in 2011 for just over $700,000. This is down considerably since peak values in 2006 hit $1.1 million — but anything approaching these totals is quite rare for any American muscle-car — even a priceless, running prototype like this snorting beast.

CarRevsDaily - Concepts - 1964 Dodge HEMI Charger30

Particular highlights include the milled, single-piece exhaust vents, the hood scoop styling, and the overall speedster concept. Enjoy these galleries, and cruise over to ConceptCarz for all the mechanical details.

Indoor 2007 Image Credits: RM Auctions

Outdoor 2011 Image Credits: TallPapers

HEMI CHARGER Concept Animated GIF