Lexus Unveils SEMA Bound Color-Changing LX600, Futuristic Paintwork Underpin Accessories Suite

Toyota and Lexus are undertaking a massive product blitz inside the halls of the 2023 SEMA event. In addition to a special performance package for the Tundra pickup, the Japanese auto giant is also using the event to show off a special customized Lexus that not only has a color-shifting wrap but also a number of other accessories that help prepare it for plenty of adventures.


Slick Paintwork Leads Eyes To What Makes This Concept Unique

The formal name of this concept is the “Lexus LX 600 Premium Lexus Associated Accessory Product (AAP), with this particular Lexus designed to highlight a number of new accessories that are catered to maximizing its adventure prowess. A prominent detail that will immediately draw plenty of stares is the color-changing wrap that the SUV has. While we have seen color-shifting hues over the years, the Aquamarine wrap here is supposed to represent how water can change colors when light hits the surface at various angles. Lexus designers also added some contrast with a matte grey front grille and black chrome trim on the bumpers and the window frame.

The concept also has a light overlanding package with the trailer hitch featuring a Yakima EXO Open Range Deluxe Kitchen that expands outward to become a fridge and sink complete with cooktop. An awning also extends outward from one side and the roof rack can support a couple of paddleboards. The bulk of the performance hardware here is unchanged but the lone exception is the tires which have been replaced with 33-inch Toyo Open Country tires with 18-inch wheels.


What Else Does Lexus Have At Their Booth?

In addition to this LX-based creation, the brand is also displaying a customized 2024 GX 550 that gets a brown/black paint job with the rear window panels allowing eager explorers to haul various accessories including two-gallon fuel jugs and more. This particular feature could be a nod to the Land Rover Defender which offers similar panels to help haul accessories. The GX has the same wheel and tire combination and the performance hardware is unchanged too. 

Last but not least is a figurative ghost from the past with the previous generation GX 460 also making its appearance as a SEMA-tuned custom. It gets slightly bigger 34-inch off-road tires and a matte Saffron-hued body wrap. Rock sliders and a skid plate also help protect it from damage while a 10-foot double hammock with mounting poles folds out when it’s time to park it for the night. a 63-quart freezer/fridge is fitted in the rear of the SUV. Look for AAP to become a larger presence for the brand as the company seeks to carve a slice of the growing vehicle accessory market for itself while also competing with rivals like the Ford Bronco and the Land Rover Defender.