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Watch Sharks From Your 50th-Floor Balcony Pool – Porsche Design Tower Miami

There are hundreds of exquisite elements of this fantasy high-rise from Porsche Design, including its marquee feature: car elevators that bring residents up to their floor in the car. Car elevators are actually nothing new – but this system of laser-guided wheel holders ensures everything is safe before heading upwards to your floor. Upon arrival at your unit, the system will know to put the car in nose-first or tail-first. It is deposited onto the floor on the in-unit garages, and completes the lift. Quick Specs: Porsche Design Tower Miami. Total height: 650 feet (198 metres) Total diameter: 131 feet …

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RM Acutions 64 Hemi Charger Mont2011

Concept Flashback: 1964 Dodge Hemi Charger – Speedster Prototype

Can you guess who hates Camaro and Mustang news? Dodge. This one-off concept’s HEMI engine gurgles and rocks the car as it revs with indignity at the 2.3-liter turbo four heading to the 2015 Mustang. No cubes = no pubes, the Hemi Charger growls to itself. Packing a 7.0-liter V8 engine with a quoted 600 horsepower, the Hemi Charger concept is part Batmobile part race-car and part street fantasy The proportions of this machine are hilariously retro. Clearly converted from a much longer sedan platform, the back deck of the Hemi Charger is a few feet longer than even the …

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