Amelia Island Time Capsules: $903k 1937 Bugatti Type 57C Roadster — Leaves Me Cold — Find Out Why?

Plowing through my gigantic Amelia Island photo folders. =]

1937 Bugatti Type 57C Roadster -- Leaves Me Cold GIF

Not only do I rarely meet a Bugatti I do not like — I think the Amelia Island 2014 event was the first time I have ever touched any Bugatti, whatsoever!

Therefore, you can imagine my internal surprise at my blase feelings toward this magnificent 1939 57C — which were less than positive.

I just didn’t like it. The color seemed off, the coachwork overwrought, and certainly not nearly as stunning, genuine and authentically-desirable as the racecars across the room.

1937 Bugatti Type 57C Roadster -- Leaves Me Cold GIF 2

I blamed poor lighting on day one due to the car being inside and in a corner. But day two the 57C was jabbed by another auto hack — is it a recreation!?

This is not 100-percent true. The $903,000 total is certainly far from cheap — and there are indeed real Bugatti bones under these flowing panels.

But the car is a bit of a mind-meld, however, since it did not acquire these panels until the 1990s in America. Done in the style of Figoni et Falaschi — this is something of a millionaire’s Delehaye.

The saddest part about the recreated bodywork is that this 57C originally work coachwork by Vanvooren (until the 1950s, RM believes). Vanvooren is best known in my book for his Round Door Coupe Rolls-Royce.  This is not correct, but the Round Door Rolls is still awesome.

RR 1925-34 Round Door Phantom Coupe ANIMATED GIF


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