Ford Details 2023 Bronco Raptor’s Digital Cluster, Confirms Drive Mode Animations

The 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor received alot of buzz for injecting a massive amount of fun and capability into the Bronco’s already impressive foundation. But amid all the noise generated by its bigger engine and screengrabs of it jumping the dunes, not too much attention was given to the Raptor model’s digital instrument cluster. Turns out, there’s alot more going on here than we realized, and Ford detailed some of the digital details in a release earlier today.


A New View On Bronco Performance

At first glance, the images in the gallery below seem to follow the same typical layout that we have seen in other performance models (utility or otherwise) but it’s the finer details that make it all sync. The first mode is what Ford dubs the “Performance View” which moves the tachometer display directly in the driver’s line of sight and moves the redline within the 12 0 clock position. That’s combined with easy-to-read gauge readouts as well as an avatar of the Bronco Raptor which gives you real-time virtual readouts of various components including the tire pressure and the sway bar linkages.

Ford claims that it teamed up with video game developers (sound familiar Hummer fans) to create distinct animations that play when the driver switches through the various drive modes. Ford claims that each of these modes is designed to project “the specific personality and performance of the setting through the use of color, speed, and even camera angle.” Look for small touches like this to resonate with younger buyers, especially those looking to have a better infusion of technology into their new ride. We have also listed the modes themselves in a handy chart below.


  • Normal: The screen of the digital cluster uses a subtle blue to show the vehicle in an everyday driving scenario.
  • Sport: One click left captures the feel of a more exciting drive experience, with the cluster using a red and white theme to show the vehicle in a track environment.
  • Tow/Haul: To highlight the increased tow rating of 4,500 pounds, the cluster screen two clicks to the left includes a vehicle towing a trailer, with the gauges turning yellow in a subtle nod to construction vehicles at work.
  • Slippery: Optimized for use on slick roads or loose surfaces such as gravel, this mode, three clicks to the left, is replicated on screen using light blue to show a vehicle in rainy conditions.
  • Off-Road: One click right brings animation of an off-road environment in shades of brown to illustrate that Bronco Raptor is ready for muddy, rutted, uneven terrain, and that four-wheel-drive lock is engaged.
  • Baja: Getting to the heart of the Bronco Raptor persona, two clicks right delivers a cluster that uses orange highlights to show the vehicle driving across a desert scene.
  • Rock Crawl: Three clicks to the right and the vehicle is optimized for low-speed, aggressive climbing maneuvers, with the cluster showing Bronco Raptor slow-crawling over rocks.