Chevrolet Bolt EUV Teased With New Image and Video, Will Make Its Debut Later This Summer

In addition to the waves Cadillac made with the first teaser video and images of its Celestiq flagship sedan, Chevrolet was also out to stake its claim in the EV utility wars with the brand sharing the first image of its Bolt EUV to the assembled digital crowds at CES. The EUV version of the Bolt aims to expand the Bolt lineup and give buyers a utility focused alternative to the standard Bolt.


Bolt EUV Cruising To The Future With Super Cruise

Bolt EUV

Unlike the festivities surrounding the Celestiq, the folks at Chevrolet kept the bulk of their cards closely guarded and chose to only give us one lone glimpse of the Bolt EUV’s steering wheel. While this is not the most detailed teaser image that we have ever seen, it does confirm that the EUV will indeed be arriving with GM’s Super Cruise technology. This crossover will be the first Chevrolet to come equipped with the feature, but it’s unknown if it will be the system that comes with automated lane change capability or if its a lesser version.

The lack of follow up teasers means we are still left guessing in regards to what the final exterior styling will look like. But we suspect that it will share a generous amount of DNA with the standard Bolt. On that note, the EUV is slated to be unveiled alongside the updated version of the Bolt which should give us a better sense of what design Chevy is ultimately looking to use on the Bolt EUV


No Ultium Here But Some Updated Electrification Is Coming For Buyers

Unlike some of the GM’s other EV offerings that will be equipped with the company’s Ultium battery technology, neither the Bolt or the EUV model will come equipped with it. Instead, the duo will use an updated version of their existing EV drivetrain. While some might dismiss it as GM putting flashier lipstick on some old clothes, rumors have persisted that the EUV could benefit from improved battery technology which would allow it to squeeze a few more miles of range from its old bones.


When Will The Bolt EUV Appear?

Unlike some of its Ultium equipped counterparts, the wait for the Bolt EUV will not be quite as long, with Chevrolet revealing that the EUV and its Bolt counterpart will reach Chevrolet showrooms this summer. This could mean that a debut will not be too far off and we will keep our eyes peeled for more Bolt and EUV teasers as they pop up.