Concept Volkswagen Taigun Debuts in Delhi – But Set to Battle Nissan Rogue (*or Juke) and Mitsu Outlander Sport in U.S. From 2015

The Taigun and the Tiguan. Not a good combination for dyslexics – but VW’s mini SUV concept does show great progress in refining the brand’s chiseled future SUV look.


It is also hugely important because of its size. Typically, VW has not imported its smallest cars to America because they would all price themselves out of consideration for most shoppers.


The Euro-only Up! is just adorable and would sell like ice-cold water bottles at Burning Man — but importing this Euro-made mini-car ould push prices past $20,000.

Not a good set of options, then, to increase sales volume for VW in America.

But what if a small-car platform could be adapted to a crossover shell? Suddenly, the value equation becomes much more favorable for VW.


So where will the Taigun be positioned? The Tiguan ranges from about $28,000-$38,000, so a safe bet for the smaller Taigun is $18,000 to $24,000.


Add CrossBlue seven-seater for the $38k-$48k price ranges, and now the Touareg is free to roam the $50,000-plus segments all to itself.


But what is this Nissan Rogue comparison? The Rogue seats seven these days from base prices in the $23,000 ballpark — so is the Taigun more of a Juke-fighter? Yes, in size and space: it is much closer to the $17,000 Juke than the large new Rogue (shown below.)

Regardless – it is coming to America sooner than later. Tiny engines and barely-helpful AWD are likely part of the mix, but this concept offers few production details.


Lastly, all of the VW SUV names are very bizarre. Hopefully there is a method to VW’s naming madness, or we all best prep for a 2017 Tugain as another absurd mish-mash of the same six letters…

Guntai might be a fun one.