Lux American Trucks Are Going Global – By Charles Partos + 200 Pics!



Over the years, the face of luxury was normally tied to many different types of expensive cars. In fact, if someone wanted to drive in style to a prom, a wedding, a reception or other popular occasions, they may even rent a car from a luxury car dealer in their local area. Today, as many things are changing industries all over the glove, the definition of luxury has changed dramatically. Specifically, because of the new style of luxury that has entered the market, which are the American Pickup Trucks.


That being said, it is important to know why the American Pickup Trucks are dominating the luxury market and which pickup trucks, in specific, that people should pay close attention to.

Why the American Pick Up Trucks are Viewed as the New Luxury Vehicle?


As previously stated, when an individual wanted to rent or buy a luxury vehicle, they searched through the dealerships for the right luxury car. Because luxury cars were well known for all of its added features, it’s solid ride as well as its beauty, these vehicles were the only ones on the list of coveted choices. However, because the American Pickup Truck manufacturers have stepped up their game, the face of luxury may forever be changed. Some of the more notable changes include the following: the American Pickup Trucks luxurious interiors, the power behind their motors, and the beauty in which the driver and their passengers will travel today. All of which demands more attention in the luxury arena. So, for those of you who are interested in a luxury ride that you do not want to miss, here’s a few great highlights that introduces the luxury of the Ford F150 UK to you.

Don’t forget the new RAM Limited or Titan XD Platinum in your consideration set, too!

Highlights of the Ford F150 UK


1.Stronger But Much Lighter


Makers of the Ford F150 UK have taken off the gloves in making this model, and the features that they are offering meets and exceeds the customer’s specifications. Starting with the military grade aluminum-alloy body that is designed with a high strength steel frame body, it is stronger than ever. Even though this model has been made with added strength, it is much lighter (by 700 pounds) than the previous model.

2.Solid Durability and Testing


With 39 years being the top selling truck brand, this brand is positioned for more of the same. Performance, efficiency and dependability are all packed in the newly designed Ford F-150 UK. Built like a truck should be built, it is also best in the class for hauling large loads for long distance and is not short on responsive fast acceleration and its quick braking systems. These pickups have also been tested ruggedly for many millions of miles before being released to truck lovers.


3.Diversity in Capabilities and Design for Smarter Engineering


In terms of capability, the F-150 has had an exceptional past and very promising outlook for the future. Meaning since its owners are tasked with a number of things that they must do with their pickup trucks, they will also need the ability to tow hefty size volumes with ease. So, to extend the F-150 capability even more, the makers of this model have included a newly designed feature, which is the Pro Trailer Backup Assist. The pro Trailer backup assist is made for working smarter and more productively since it allows the driver to back up and attach a trailer with perfect precision.

4.Interior Luxury Features in a Pickup Truck


If the outside of this vehicle was not enough to convince prospective F-150 UK pickup owners of it being an awesome choice, we can proceed to the interior design that offers a wide host of standard interior features along with some exceptional options features that have been designed to turn heads. In fact, the makers of this pickup truck have focused a huge amount of their efforts on both comfort and convenience to ensure their owners are more than satisfied. From including standard features like outside temperature displays, dynamic hitch assist, ambient lighting, delayed accessory power, horn, dual note, cruise control, and power adjustable pedals to offering optional features like reverse sensing system, full flat load floor, 360 degree camera with split view display and flow through center console with floor shift, this luxury vehicle is loaded with both standard features and optional offers too.


It looks like the makers of the F-150 UK has gone the extra mile again by producing pickup trucks that can only be described as a luxury vehicles with a wide diversity of essential functions for smart productivity. Being built for durability, while also being lighter in weight than previous models, the future for this line of pickup trucks is consistent with the last 39 years of being in the number one spot for top sellers in the industry. With a lot to offer both inside and out, these luxury vehicles are not only built to work smart, but also to look good and feel good too.