2015 Ford Mustang Colors and Wheel Visualizer

2015 Mustang colors animationUpdated 1.1.2015 With the four wheel styles.

A few months ago we created a digital colorizer for the new Mustang – a car that is so highly anticipated that even Ford teams are clamoring for access.

Rendered colorizers are fun, but not really helpful as a shopping tool or a real-life guide.

We promised a real factory color guide in that article, and are proud to deliver it today!

A few observations after spending much, much time on the Ford.com site and the Ford Media Center this week:

— The car looks amazing. Even better than expected in the lighter colors. In black as seen at the Mustang 50th Anniversary event in Charlotte, it was somewhat difficult to see the car’s new creases and detailing — which from afar are quite similar to the 2014 Mustangs that were everywhere in the Charlotte Motor Speedway infield.

— The specs are great too — the standard V6 packs 305-horsepower from $23,500 base pricing

— The new turbo 2.3-liter EcoBoost promised at least 305 horsepower from $25,500 base prices

— The 5.0-liter V8 packs, again, at least 420 horsepower in the preliminary specs, with pricing from just above $30,000

— Pricing is a bit ambitious, so start saving about $37,000 for a few options on a GT Premium model.



The 2.3-liter engine is the wildcard in terms of how its lighter weight will affect turn-in and handling, not to mention the engine and exhaust note. But it will be quicker than the V6, that is guaranteed by its mid-level positioning just below the big V8

Externally, we have not found the shortcut to visually determining the V6 from the EcoBoost from the GT V8, which is good and bad. They all look really terrific, with styling options right from the factory like the 50th Anniversary Sport pack on the turbo cars. 18s and 19-inch wheels are available in many styles across the board.

The specs are a PDF that is virtually un-format-able for me in Excel, so here is a screenshot of the power stats – plus the PDF link to download the USA specs in full.





2015 Ford Mustang WHEELS



mustang wheels 2014-----06-13_074824-tile

2015 Ford Mustang COLORS

Colors! Okay now, the Mustang’s official colors are all the is included here. None of my digital shenanigans for aftermarket candy color ideas. Some of these are cost options, such as the $500 Triple Yellow featured extensively below in real-life photos.

Turn-tables below took a ton of time to create, so please enjoy them!

Car-Revs-Daily-horz1 Car-Revs-Daily-horz34 Car-Revs-Daily-horz809o Car-Revs-Daily-horz56 MUSTANG COLORS1 GIF Car-Revs-Daily-horz

2015 Ford Mustang – OXFORD WHITE

Car-Revs-Daily.com - 2015 Ford Mustang - WHITE GIF Turntable

2015 Ford Mustang – INGOT SILVER


Car-Revs-Daily.com - 2015 Ford Mustang - SILVER GIF Turntable

2015 Ford Mustang – GUARD (GREEN)

Car-Revs-Daily.com - 2015 Ford Mustang - GUARD GREEN GIF Turntable


2015 Ford Mustang – MAGNETIC (Dark Greyish)

Car-Revs-Daily.com - 2015 Ford Mustang - MAGNETIC GREY GIF Turntable


2015 Ford Mustang – BLACK


Car-Revs-Daily.com - 2015 Ford Mustang - BLACK GIF Turntable

2015 Ford Mustang – RUBY RED

Car-Revs-Daily.com - 2015 Ford Mustang - RUBY RED GIF Turntable


2015 Ford Mustang – DEEP IMPACT BLUE

Car-Revs-Daily.com - 2015 Ford Mustang - BLUE GIF Turntable


2015 Ford Mustang – TRIPLE YELLOW

Car-Revs-Daily.com - 2015 Ford Mustang - YELLOW GIF Turntable


2015 Ford Mustang – COMPETITION ORANGE

Car-Revs-Daily.com - 2015 Ford Mustang - ORANGE GIF Turntable


2015 Ford Mustang – RACE RED


Car-Revs-Daily.com - 2015 Ford Mustang - RACE RED GIF Turntable