Rivian’s New Camp Mode Aims To Add Comfort To Your Camp Site Experience

Rivian knows that buyers use trucks for all kinds of things and that includes the art of camping. Exploring the outdoors helped play a role in Rivian’s next OTA (Over The Air Update) with company CEO RJ Scaringe taking to social media to show off some of what the upcoming Camp Mode has to offer.


Rivian Dials In Comfort For The Long Haul

Scaringe’s brief video on Twitter doesn’t go into extensive detail about the full capabilities of “Camp Mode” but the preview that we do get does appear to show that this particular mode will deliver the goods for weekend explorers. Energy management appears to be a prominent theme here with Camp Mode allowing the truck to alter its energy consumption especially by turning the displays off. Scaringe also confirmed that Camp Mode will use flood lighting to help enhance illumination when the Rivian in question is parked at a camp site.

However, the highlight for heavy sleepers is the auto-leveling feature that adjusts the air suspension to help make the body of the R1S or the R1T be perfectly flat when parked on uneven terrain. That’s welcome in rougher camp sites without leveled concrete pads where the uneven terrain caused by roots, rocks and etc can sometimes make sleeping uncomfortable. Scaringe sadly didn’t dive any further into “Camp Mode” so we get to wait a bit longer to see what else this new mode has to offer.

This new mode also follows up on some other features that the two models have including a detachable speaker that doubles as a lantern/flashlight for nighttime adventures into the wilderness. Rivian has always been quick to promote how the R1T and R1S are the ultimate adventure vehicles, and look for this new OTA to further cement this reputation with buyers.