Chevrolet Teases Upcoming Silverado EV, Will Make Its Global Debut At CES 2022

The EV pickup wars are rapidly heating up, with the Ford F-150 Lightning currently having a sizable head-start over rivals GM and Ram. Chevrolet has undoubtedly taken notice of the Lightning’s challenge and has revealed that it will be formally unveiling the Silverado EV at the 2022 CES event in a clear message that’s squarely aimed at Ford. 


Silverado EV Delivers The Goods In Attempt To Outshine Lighting

The last time we saw the Silverado EV, it was in a brief computer-generated teaser video that confirmed the Hummer EV’s four-wheel-drive system would be carried over to the Silverado EV. This time around, Chevrolet released a lone teaser image that looks at the truck from a birds-eye view. While we’ll have to wait a while to see clearer teaser images, this one still provides a few slices of intel. It shows off the all-new glass panel roof, which will be an optional extra on the Silverado EV. Unlike the Hummer EV, this swath of glass is non-removable, but Chevrolet claims that it’s the biggest glass panel in the segment and offers better headroom and visibility. 

The glass panel design largely follows the roof shape, but look towards the rear, and you’ll see several scallop-shaped curves. Whether these lines are purely for design or reflect some function is unknown, and we’ll have to wait to get the answer to that question. In the meantime, the transparent piece also offers the first-ever view of the Silverado EV’s cabin.

We’ll admit we have seen better views from the nose-bleed seats at Ford Field, but look closely, and some details do emerge from the shadows. The screen is distinctly more prominent than what’s currently offered on ICE-powered Silverado models, and the brightness could suggest that it’s operating with the Unreal Engine software package that made its inaugural debut on the Hummer EV. GM reps have said in the past that some elements of the Hummer would trickle down into the Silverado EV, and the chances are good that includes the infotainment software. There are also some analog controls below the screen, but the darkened parts of the glass thwart efforts to view more.  


Silverado EV To Also Come With Segment Busting Range

The Silverado EV will be the latest recipient of the company’s Ultium battery technology, including a platform built from the ground up to accommodate the battery packs and electric motors. One benefit would be potentially beating the 300-mile range boasted by Lightnings with the Extended battery pack, with Chevrolet reps claiming that the Silverado EV could get up to 400 miles of range on a single charge. That’s 100 miles more, but look for that figure to be achieved with an optional battery pack versus the standard setup that would probably see duty in lower Silverado models.

The Silverado EV will be produced at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck Factory Zero plant, which will become a central hub of EV production with the Hummer EV and several other models being built at the facility. The Silverado EV is slated to be offered in two configurations with a fleet-focused commercial model appealing to business owners and a pure retail version aimed at pure retail consumers. Look for the Silverado EV to inevitably be joined by an electrified version of its cousin, the GMC Sierra, but GM is not ready to dive into that model just yet.