5.0s, 380HP 2017 Jaguar XF-S V6 – USA Media Drive Gallery + Visualizer

Check out this stunning new design via 100 media drive photos from Sedona, Arizona.

The best part of the new design?  Bringing the XF-R’s visual heat to all four engines in the US lineup. Yep: two V6 tunes and even a brand-new turbodiesel for 2017. The 2.0-liter turbo four is expected back in the USA offering for 2017, sliding a few grand cheaper than the $52k base of the new 2016 XF V6s.

Both the XF 35t with 330HP and the XF-S with 380 are available with rear or AWD.  All scream to 60-mph in 5.2-seconds or quicker, too.  Mighty impressive.  The XF is now a true a 535i-beater if there ever was one!


2017 Jaguar XF-S V6 – USA Photos from Sedona, AZ




The 2016 range will be Jaguar USA’s freshest ever! The all-new XE, fresh XF and tweaked XJ will finally align nicely against BMW. The XE is certainly an exciting contender, and XJ LED updates more than welcome. Atop all that slinky style and hotness? The 2017 F-PACE crossover that should arrive mid-year for autumn 2016!

The real volume player, we predict, will continue to be the XF. And this vehicle is massively new for 2016.

There’s barely a part carried over, despite the familiar look. Headlining the changes is a partial swap to aluminum for key underbody sections, with a weight loss of nearly 400 pounds in some specs versus the existing XF. A fresh engine family at the bottom of the range will make it over to the US, but the power details are not yet available. For stateside buyers, two levels of 3.0-liter supercharged six power and available AWD are the meat of the XF line until an XF-R for 2017.

The UK specs and price lists below detail a huge range of diesels… which is the photo car in R-Sport trim. While R-Sport as a name and style is sweet, it is actually just for the smaller engines. Think of this as M Sport versus the full beans. For now, “S” is still the letter to go for on the XF to get sport style and speed.2016-xf

The UK 3.0i S/C XF-S promises 380-horsepower and even a manual transmission for the first time.

We roamed through the 2016 UK XF configurator as a preview of the features available, and came away impressed! Love the black pack, 17 color choices and a dozen wheels. A few styles of dark alloys join the lookbook.

On that subject… the standard lighting runs quad projectors with updated white LEDs. The full LED lamps are an estimated $2k option based on their UK price, but seem worth it for the massive style freshness up front.

The design is brought to a more current place with near seamless profile surfacing and a clean glasshouse.

The tail is a big question mark. It looks massively over-lit. So much red blocky plastic to outline the slim, F-Type shaped light pipes within.

But who knows. Perhaps better in the flesh, and certainly will help Jaguar make 2016 a banner year! Especially if they send over a triple black one like this for us to drive…. =]

2016 Jaguar XF 2.0d R-Sport and 380HP XF-S Buyers Guide 17 2016 Jaguar XF 2.0d R-Sport and 380HP XF-S Buyers Guide 11

2017 Jaguar XF-S V6