Ford To Debut Potent Mustang Duo At 2021 SEMA Show, HPP Package Mustang Gets SEMA Treatment

Ford will be bringing a proverbial army of vehicles to the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas as the show prepares to welcome attendees once again after COVID forced the 2020 iteration to be canceled. This time around, we wanted to focus on the two Mustang customs that will wow the crowds at Ford’s display booth.


All Star Mustang Ecoboost HPP

The HPP package made some reverberations when it was unveiled as an all-new performance package for four-cylinder-equipped Mustangs. While it’s already a very potent package in its stock form, this one-off custom by Gene Tjin takes things and pushes things up a notch tr two. The exterior styling is a vibrant display of west coast design elements with the teal green paintwork shining brightly in the light. Ford claims that this car and the custom Mach-E that younger brother Neil Tjin made represent the “yin and yang of the two siblings.” We’re not qualified enough to dive deep into that spiritual theory but we’re glad that this custom has other touches to help it stand out.

They include a full air suspension which gives the car a sportier stance while Vossen LC2-A1 wheels help enhance the car’s profile. It doesn’t;t hurt either that they come with Falken FK510 performance tires. A cold air intake and a COBB sourced intercooler lurks under the hood and the car even features roof-mounted surfboards for those that want to go on a weekend trip to the beach.


M2 Motoring Mustang GT

Unlike the All-Star Mustang, the M2 Motoring Mustang GT is all about track performance and allowing drivers to take charge of their track day. This particular custom started life as a 2021 Ford Mustang GT equipped with the Performance Package and the six-speed manual gearbox. As a result, the bodywork largely remains stick but the car does feature custom Motorcraft adorned graphics as well as a small splash of Ford Performance parts including the front splitter from the Performance Package 2, a supercharger kit that’s capable of producing 750 hp, and even improved half-shafts.

M2 also made some tweaks to the platform with lowered springs as well as a brake kit that’s lifted from the recently axed Shelby GT350R Mustang. The 19-inch alloy wheels are also lifted from the GT350R and are equipped with Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 tires for maximum cornering grip. The interior also receives its fair share of enhancements though they are on the milder side with dash trim from the GT500 being paired with custom Recaro RPSP leather seats as well as a Ford Performance carbon fiber shift knob.