2019 Unimog U128 – Extreme Terrain Driving Experience Gallery

The annual press conference for Daimler Trucks occurred recently and they let the execs and shareholders loose to test the impossibly cool 2019 Unimog.  In a wild simulation of the roughest terrain it might find it is wild life. This off-road course is no joke, with wild inclinations and turf rougher than double-black-diamond ski moguls!

The Zetros is thumping through all the obstacles too – but looks slightly more like a locomotive that’s jumped its tracks.  The Unimog in this crew-cab pickup trim is best able to use its inherent suspension skills and power — without the weight of a payload in back. Very sprightly performance indeed!

As a bit of added fun, we’ve included a Unimog historical photoset showing some of the truck’s greatest hits in its nearly 70 years on — and off — the road.

Unimog Extreme Terrain – Driving Experience Mega Gallery

Unimog Historical Gallery