MANSORY Range Rover Sport Widebody Upgrades Catalog

 MANSORY Range Rover Sport

Mansory typically builds custom vehicle conversions that are so thorough that they’re sold as a completed supercar. The latest Range Rover Sport upgrade program is a bit friendlier and approachable for owners looking for a few a la carte upgrades.

The result of the whole widebody kit is still as dramatic as any other Mansory, but being able to pick up individual pieces will broaden the potential market dramatically.

For the first time, you do not have to be super-ultra rich to drive a Mansory!  But everyone will still think you are with these Range Rover Sports….

MANSORY Range Rover Sport

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MANSORY Range Rover Sport

Widebody Upgrades Catalog



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April 2014


World premiere at Top Marques Monaco

The Grimaldi Forum 17. – 20. April 2014




striking made to measure suit for the Range Rover Sport


Once again, MANSORY Switzerland have shown their class with their individualisation of a premium SUV. They have refined the second generation of the Range Rover Sport, making it a striking attention grabber in a made to measure carbon suit. From the awe-inspiring bodywork design, and striking XXL format alloy wheels, to the lavishly designed interior, MANSORY have turned their attention to all areas of this luxury 4-wheel-drive machine, and have made the automobile dreams of their exclusive clientele come true.


Precise, carbon aerodynamic components add a clear, more masculine look to the Range Rover Sport production model. Alongside front and rear fender extensions (30mm wider per side), the wide body kit includes a newly designed front spoiler with integrated LED daytime running lights, and a carbon-look radiator grille. The look of the MANSORY SUV is completed by a newly designed bonnet. Panelling in the side skirt area and carbon housings for the wing mirrors embellish the flanks. At the rear, the carbon-diffuser insert in the new rear spoiler and a roof spoiler, also in carbon, emphasise the dynamic appearance of the SUV. In addition, the roof’s D-pillars can be dressed with carbon.


MANSORY offer various wheel designs and sizes from 21 inch to 23 inch. The ultra light 23 inch XXL format double spoke wheel is a styling and technical highlight. The dynamic design of the delicate spokes don’t just give a striking, sporty look, they also guarantee a balanced spread of the load, thus giving increased load-bearing capacity. Recommended tyre size front and rear is 315/25 ZR23.


In the interior, MANSORY have created a control centre which perfectly combines functionality and comfort. The sports steering wheel with carbon inlay, designed specifically for the Range Rover Sport, and the aluminium pedals, guarantee full control of the vehicle. At the same time, the interior oozes pure luxury. Almost all the interior components are upholstered by master craftsmen in leather and the refined MANSORY carbon material, and can be combined with a fine wood finish on request.   Precisely stitched logos and illuminated door sills perfect the modification.


Even the test models have shown improvements in performance both for the petrol and diesel engines. A soft kit bodywork version, without the width extensions and with a reduced range of modifications, will also be produced soon.


You will find more information about the exclusive MANSORY Switzerland modification programme online at



MANSORY Range Rover Sport