Ford Pays Tribute To Mustang Icon With 2022 GT500 Heritage Edition, Adds Special Editions For Other Models

The Ford Mustang is entering 2022 with a subtle splash of updates, with the Blue Oval going all-in on special edition models to lure in more customers. This time around, the bulk of the special edition treatment focuses on the range-topping GT500 model, but Ford engineers also made sure to find time for the Mustang Ecoboost convertible and coupe.


GT500 Heritage Edition Wears Vintage Colors, Code Orange Paint Has Dino DNA 

The GT500 Heritage Edition prefers to be simple and straight to the point with the package preferring to let its colors do the talking; The bodywork is adorned in Brittany Blue paint with the stripes being decorated in Wimbledon Contrast Stripes. The combination pays homage to the original 1967 GT500, which offered the two as part of its original color palette. The interior also gets tweaked slightly, but with the package being a pure styling effort, there are no performance upgrades on hand this time around. That’s fine since the stock 760 hp from the supercharged 5.2 liter V8 is more than sufficient for most applications.


Meanwhile, Code Orange paint also makes its way to the GT500 for 2022.  Unlike the Heritage Edition, this is a mere color addition though it allows the GT500 to share a link with the F-150 Raptor and the recently teased Bronco Raptor SUV. Ford didn’t release pricing for the new color yet, but look for that information to emerge when the 2022 model makes its way to dealer inventory.


A New Look For The Coast With The All-New Coastal Edition Mustang

The last special edition model is centered around the Mustang EcoBoost convertible and coupe, with Ford calling this one the Coastal Edition. With the GT500 Heritage Edition taking a modest approach to its updates, the Coastal Edition puts on a more concerted effort at getting itself noticed. The exterior styling benefits from a set of faux rear side scoops, a rear spoiler, vinyl graphics, illuminated treadplates, and a set of 19-inch machine-finish alloy wheels, and other minor interior garnishments. 

Ford revealed that pricing for the Coastal Edition will still appeal to the value-conscious Mustang buyer, with the package only adding $1,995 to the price of a coupe or convertible. A base EcoBoost equipped coupe has a base price of $33,420, and when you add the Coastal Edition to the mix, it still allows this flavor of Mustang to rest comfortably in the mid $30,000 range.


Ordering for both models will open up on November 15th, with Ford claiming that the pair will begin arriving in dealerships sometime in 2022. For the moment, it appears that the pair will not have strict production totals and could be available for buyers throughout the 2022 model year.