V12 Engines Axed For Mercedes-AMG Models

The quest for a greener commute has caused many automakers to rethink their long term plans for a multitude of factors. In the case of Mercedes-Benz, tightening emission regulations has finally forced the German car giant to squeeze its venerable V12 engine from its AMG performance lineup.

The revelation came out during a recent interview the folks at Autoblog had with AMG boss Tobias Moers at the New York Auto Show last week. When asked on the subject, Moers revealed that in his opinion a power plant like that isn’t necessary for future AMG offerings, especially ones unique to the AMG nameplate like the recently revealed AMG GT sedan.

Looking at Moer’s statement as it currently sits, its easy to not argue his view on this subject. The 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 in the AMG GT 63 S makes 630 horsepower, wheras the 6 0 liter twin-turbo V12 in the S65 AMG only produces a slightly tamer 621 horsepower. This is despite a slight advantage in torque that is enjoyed by the V12 versus its V8 counterpart. However, the one detriment that the bigger V12 can’t shake is its higher curb weight. Having four fewer cylinders helps the V8 shed unnecessary weight, which in turn helps improve overall handling and fuel economy. As a bonus the V8 is shared with other Benz models, and does not require the special development costs associated with the V12 as well as the limited number of models that the V12 is nestled in.


While Moers comments pretty much confirm that a new V12 AMG model will not be making an appearance anytime soon, Moers did hint that the iconic engine could still be used in high end luxury cars including the Mercedes-Maybach S 650. For elite buyers that flock to these vehicles, the V12 is seen more as a status symbol than a V8, and not having one available in some of the firm’s higher end models will certainly sour the mood of these very important customers and the bank accounts associated with them. In the meantime, the V12 is still currently available in current AMG offerings, so those looking to get their twelve cylinder fix will still have plenty of time to do so.