Mercedes-AMG Prepares For Electric Future

Mercedes-AMG once cemented its claim to fame as well as its reputation on the loud and powerful V8s that defined models such as the SLS supercar, the S63 AMG, as well as the current generation AMG GT. However advances in battery technology as well as the tightening stranglehold of fuel and emissions regulations has caused the tuning house to explore building another electric model.

This was revealed by AMG boss Tobias Moers during an interview with the Australian website Drive.

“There will be an AMG pure electric car, but I do not know when.”

Moers also pointed out that AMG’s survival will fall on the shoulders of this mystery model claiming that “Because otherwise AMG will disappear as a brand.” Moers also detailed some of the challenges that AMG engineers face building an all electric sports car claiming that there must be a balance between efficiency and performance. This sweet spot is hard to achieve due to the hardware that would be required to achieve the expectations that customers want. For example to resolve the challenges of range engineers would have to equip the car with a battery pack that is bulky, and would adversely affect the dynamic attributes of the car. However it is important to remember that battery technology has seen a tremendous level of advancement over the past 5-10 years and as a result, the packs are getting smaller and lighter.

While this is the first time that AMG has released new statements about an electrified future, the mystery model is not the first time that AMG and Mercedes have made an all electric performance model. Back in 2012, Mercedes unleashed the SLS Electric Drive (pictured) at the Paris Motor Show, and the coupe variant went on to set a record for electric cars on the daunting Nurburgring race circuit. However, the car boasted a relatively low all electric driving range, and was also an equally low volume production model with the company only building a few examples for wealthy buyers. This new model would be geared towards mass production, and as a result would target a wider market.

Moers also claims that AMG will explore the role electrification will play in the brand’s future over the next few years and undertake the steps necessary to implement it into its future product pipeline.

“We’re going to have cars available at the end of the year with electrified drivetrains for us to judge and to find our definition” revealed Moers. As far as a possible timetable for the mystery all electric sports car, Moers stopped short of revealing a detailed plan, but did candidly state that it would not arrive until 2020.