Mercedes-Benz Expands Designo: Manufaktur Suite To E and S-Class, AMG-GT

When it comes to the world of Mercedes-Benz, personalization and world class luxury generally meshed seamlessly into a tasteful mixture. This is is especially true when one looks at some of the magic that the Designo Manufaktur division brings to an equipped vehicle. The demand for the trim was so strong, that Mercedes turned it into a formal division, with the Canadian market getting first dibs in 2010. Buyers up north had the opportunity to apply Designo Manufaktur to a wide swath of Mercedes models, but U.S. buyers were limited only to the G-Class. The G63 AMG we tested late last year had the design suite installed, and it certainly makes quite a statement in the interior. However, the rest of the model lineup was left out in the cold. The company revealed that fact of life will soon change, and more models will be able to be equipped to Designo Manufaktur specifications.

In addition to the G-Class, U.S. bound E and S-Class models (as well as the AMG GT) can now be equipped with Designo Manufaktur components. The move comes as the company is recording a 200 percent increase in demand for Designo Manufaktur equipment, and adding these three models to the fold will undoubtedly help the company expand their ability to meet customer requests, while also creating more opportunities for customization. Buyers that choose to equip Designo Manufaktur to their purchase will be able to use any paint color that Mercedes-Benz has used, with the hues going all the way back to colors used in the 1950s. Designo can also even adorn the car with a hue from a rival automaker which is a very potent example of just how flexible their paint shop is. Of course, buyers that choose to mimic BMW colors for example will only get to do so “upon confirmed availability.”

To further demonstrate the high degree of flexibility in the Designo customization process, Mercedes tricked out two cars to showcase what some of the 54 exterior colors and 34 interior hues can do to make a vehicle truly pop out to the eye. An AMG S63 Cabriolet wears a Deep Green heritage collection color with a light brown Nappa leather interior providing some much needed contrast. Meanwhile, an AMG E63 S Wagon is adorned with Steel BLue (a color normally seen on Sprinter vans) and a black Nappa leather interior that features white contrast stitching. As expected, S-Class and Maybach customers get the VIP treatment, with the fabric sample book having virtually unlimited options. Customers can choose any color and pattern for the headliner, and Maybach owners can opt to have stitched leather surfaces cover every inch of the cabin.

Mercedes-Benz did not release any pricing information for Designo Manufaktur items, but according to the configurator, standard G Manufaktur colors add $6,500 to the base MSRP, while all but one of the S-Class’s Design shades costs $3,950. This continues in the interior, with the standard S-Class Designo interior emptying your wallet of $6,550. If your a Maybach owner however, and opt for the two tone interior package, be prepared to pay $12,000 for the privilege.

As they exclusivity comes at a price, but with customization and distinctiveness becoming even more important in the luxury car segment than ever before, it’s good to see that Mercedes-Benz is doing what it can to help put itself into a solid position to win over well heeled buyers looking to add something extra to their Mercedes or Maybach purchase.