V12 Engines Axed For Mercedes-AMG Models

The quest for a greener commute has caused many automakers to rethink their long term plans for a multitude of factors. In the case of Mercedes-Benz, tightening emission regulations has finally forced the German car giant to squeeze its venerable V12 engine from its AMG performance lineup. The revelation came out during a recent interview the folks at Autoblog had with AMG boss Tobias Moers at the New York Auto Show last week. When asked on the subject, Moers revealed that in his opinion a power plant like that isn’t necessary for future AMG offerings, especially ones unique to the …

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SLS Electric Drive 1

Mercedes-AMG Prepares For Electric Future

Mercedes-AMG once cemented its claim to fame as well as its reputation on the loud and powerful V8s that defined models such as the SLS supercar, the S63 AMG, as well as the current generation AMG GT. However advances in battery technology as well as the tightening stranglehold of fuel and emissions regulations has caused the tuning house to explore building another electric model. This was revealed by AMG boss Tobias Moers during an interview with the Australian website Drive. “There will be an AMG pure electric car, but I do not know when.” Moers also pointed out that AMG’s …

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