Morgan Shows Off First Completed Plus 8 GTR, Will Only Build Nine Models

It wasn’t too long ago that Morgan revealed that it was reviving the Plus 8 GTR using leftover components including several vehicle chassis that were found years after the original Plus 8 ended its production run. Unfortunately, at the time Morgan kept silent on the key details surrounding this repurposed model, but the British sports car maker has confirmed the final production number and even unveiled the first completed GTR in a set of new images. 

Morgan Shows Off Flexible Customization Options

Before we get into the actual production numbers, we might as well take a moment to talk about the first completed customer GTR which Morgan proudly documented in a set of photos. The exterior of the GTR retains alot of the old Plus 8 core DNA but these models get all-new five-spoke wheels with center locks, an all-new body kit, GTR logos on various parts of the car, and extra slots in the hood to improve cooling. The Yas Marina Blue paint also looks attractive, but Morgan revealed that the other eight cars (the company is only building nine of these) will be configured and customized to fit specific buyer needs so look for the color roster to gradually expand as each one is built. 

The color here is a homage to “Big Blue” a vintage PLus 8 racecar that made waves in the racing scene in the 1990s. The interior is largely carried over for the most part but benefits from upgraded gauges, lighting, and even carbon fiber-infused race seats with the GTR logo embossed into the headrests. The bulk of the changes however is found under the hood with the GTR getting its muscle from a BMW sourced 4.8 liter V8. The engine is largely unchanged from its original run in the Plus 8, but here, the engine now makes 375 hp instead of the original 362 hp. While it’s easy to assume that Morgan radically altered the engine, the company instead revealed that it largely left the core components as is with the only tweaks being a revised engine tune and an all-new “cannon-style” twin exhaust system. 


When Can I Buy A Plus 8 GTR?

If you’re looking to buy one of the eight remaining GTRs for your garage, you’re out of luck with all of them already spoken for by buyers. As expected, Morgan didn’t release official pricing but look for each one to command a sizable premium versus some of the other models in the Morgan lineup.