2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible in 50 Fresh Photos (Plus: State of the Oval for CGI Imagery)

We have been Dr. Honesty lately! Trying to keep it constructive, generally, but it is a slippery slope once you open the taps. So what does this have to do with the Mustang GT convertible? We recently noted in this Mustang Triple Yellow article that Ford’s photography department seems to be less-adept than the best competitors lately. Video stills below. Aston-Martin DB9 Carbon White — exclusive spinner — Made at my desk from **at least 180 raw image files** =] Oh, this is actually draft below. It has an error. Try to spot it… These auto-play moving pictures leverage …

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2014 Ford Mustang Official Homestead Pace Car NFS GIF

Young Henry Ford Lookin’ Gangster! 2014 Mustang Widebody + 2015 Mustang Starring in Need For Speed Movie — 20 HQ Photos

I am not sure if you will agree, but, to me: the NFS trailer from summer 2013 made this movie seem like a pretty lackluster effort. Luckily, that no longer seems to be the case. Production values are especially-important to movie-goers. Many of these fans can spot crappy CGI effects from 10,000 miles away. Jump-cuts and sloppy slow-mo? You just lost all M13-34. I only got four seconds into summer’s teaser trailer before an (involuntary) Big Eye-roll. So, among this audience: it is critical to have the action feel, sound and look as authentic as possible. The Ford Mustang is this movie’s …

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2015 Ford Mustang GT -- Mean, Lean and Ready To Brawl in Latest Real-Life Photos -- Yellow GT 18

2015 Ford Mustang GT in Triple Yellow — Mean, Lean and Ready To Brawl in 50 Real-Life Photos

As you may start to notice: I am not a fan of auto show photos. The lighting is usually all wrong, the cars mobbed with other snappers, and the resulting images typically a delete-tastic disaster. Even as a kid roaming Chicago’s McCormick Place every winter, filling my promo bags with three copies of every brochure book — I realized very quickly that taking my own camera was a total waste of effort. The lighting and layout equivalent would be like taking your glossy wedding photos in a thumping 4AM nightclub. I bet you’d look a little rougher than you did …

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