2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible in 50 Fresh Photos (Plus: State of the Oval for CGI Imagery)

We have been Dr. Honesty lately! Trying to keep it constructive, generally, but it is a slippery slope once you open the taps. So what does this have to do with the Mustang GT convertible? We recently noted in this Mustang Triple Yellow article that Ford’s photography department seems to be less-adept than the best competitors lately. Video stills below. Aston-Martin DB9 Carbon White — exclusive spinner — Made at my desk from **at least 180 raw image files** =] Oh, this is actually draft below. It has an error. Try to spot it… These auto-play moving pictures leverage …

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Aston Feeling Dark /Sexy /Moody for 2014! New DB9 Carbon — Huge Ducktail Spoiler — Vanquish Tech

Codename 001 — DB9 Carbon White These new Carbon DB9’s are really the cream of the crop. While still wearing the DB9 tag, this car is almost totally new versus any pre-2012 cars.   The Carbon DB9’s 0-62MPH time is quoted below at 4.6-seconds with the latest Speedshift II torque-converter automatic and launch control, which almost ensures a 4.5s or below time for the slightly shorter 60-mph sprint run. That torque converter note is not a jab. A smooth and relaxed auto is an asset for this car in 99% of real-life driving. The beauty of being a small, high-glam …

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