VIDEO + Renders of 8 Future Hot-Rods From German Special Customs — Which Is Your Favorite?

GSC is broadening their scope. They are now applying their trademark upgrade style to brands beyond the Mercedes-Benz star. -- GSC Future Cars GIF

The latest future projects from German Special Customs work in a hot-to-trot new Range Rover and even an Aventador-from-Hell called the Estatura GXX.

Using the names of brands by GSC is a bit touchy, so GSC has these future mock-ups under simplified working titles.

Estatura GXX -- GSC Estatura GIF


McLaren P1 Night Glow by German Special Customs

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Which do you like best? -- GSC 2014 E-Class MB GIF

My choice is probably the E-Class, but I am open to debate!

GSC - E-klasse - Heck 3

Hey, if you’re not having fun on the road… you must not be driving the right car. -- GSC 2014 A-Class MB GIF


In America, or outside of LA, there really are not the type of upgrade and customization houses that are so popular in Germany.

Panamera_GSC_Front1 Panamera_GSC_Front2 Panamera_GSC_Rear Panamera_GSC_Rear1 Panamera_GSC_Rear2

Yes, you can get your windows tinted and a faulty alarm installed anywhere on the street. But few brand names with national distribution and marketing.

Germany is very different in this regard.

But this does not mean all the cars on German roads are … this custom. The home-grown auto business means many GSC customs are ordered from abroad and ultimately live abroad. -- GSC Future Cars GIF

GSC handles the procurement and upgrades of a brand-new car from German sales networks. A few extra weeks of build time, and a few more for shipping: then Poof.

Custom supercar home delivery, Sir? Please sign here to confirm receipt.

EstaturaGXX_GSC_Front EstaturaGXX_GSC_Front1 EstaturaGXX_GSC_Front2 EstaturaGXX_GSC_Rear EstaturaGXX_GSC_Rear1 EstaturaGXX_GSC_Rear2

By taking a brand-new car and applying a huge program of upgrades at one time — the GSC range maintains a relatively upscale take on boy-racer styling embellishments.

Or even wilder, if that floats your boat…!

Yep, GSC has a boat rendering that looks pretty cool too.

Boat0 Boat1 Boat2 Boat3 Boat4 Boat5

S-Class by GSC

GSC - S-klasse - 2 GSC - S-klasse - 3 GSC - S-klasse - 4 GSC - S-klasse - 5 GSC - S-klasse - 6

Most of these upgrades can be ordered and installed on cars in America already, with all the details over here on the GSC page. -- GSC 2014 S-Class MB GIF