2016 Toyota S-FR Racing Concept is Trackday Dream – Turbo Triple with 300HP?

Holy cow, how incredibly fun and intense does this new S-FR Racing Concept look!

With a cleanly integrated widybody, Supra-sexy sills and air dams, plus a huge wing in back atop a giant GT3 diffuser?!


Imagine this car with 300-horsepower. Suddenly its insane grip package and centerlock alloys start to make sense.

This is all mainly concept-car bluster ahead of the Tokyo Auto Salon event in January of 2016, when this upgraded S-FR will meet the public.

The latest rumor is that the S-FR may run a turbo triple versus the 1.5-liter MX-5 four-cylinder we speculated previously. We still have a strong hope that the S-FR makes it into the American Scion lineup in the near future. Pricing of $15k for a RWD sports car would make records among all car fans.

None of this is confirmed; we do not know what platform or engine is under that production-ready overall style beyond its dimensions.  These appear Miata-based.

Key Specifications

Vehicle name Toyota S-FR
Racing Concept
Length 4,100 mm
Width 1,735 mm
Height 1,270 mm
Wheelbase 2,480 mm


The S-FR Racing looks like a great kid brother for the all-but-confirmed 2017 Supra Turbo. Slotting in below the GT86 trio, this S-FR Racing shows that it will be a fearsome competitor in real-life track events as well as auto shows!



2016 Toyota S-FR Racing Concept


Toyota S-FR Becomes a Lean, Mean Racing Machine for Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

Toyota City, Japan, December 3, 2015―With its sporty yet simple design, the Toyota S-FR turned heads when it made its global premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. Now, Toyota GAZOO Racing plans to reimagine the concept as a track-ready race car at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, a customized-car exhibition running from January 15 through 17.

Alongside the new Toyota S-FR concept, Toyota will be exhibiting two new souped-up minivans: the Voxy G’s Concept and Noah G’s Concept.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept
With wide flared fenders, eye-catching hood vents, and use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic canards and front/rear spoilers, this concept represents Toyota’s vision of the S-FR as a performance vehicle born for the racing circuit. While the model displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show had simple, familiar styling, the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept aims for a more aggressive look.

Toyota S-FR