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2015 Honda CR-V Refreshed Inside and Out – On Sale October 1st

Just a first look at this one – but the launch timing is approaching fast! The new CR-V will go on sale in the US in just a week’s time, on October 1st, 2014. Full details are promised from Honda on September 30th. Overall, the new nose eliminates some of the grin from the current car, with an updated nose and LED lighting to bring a classier appearance to this best-selling crossover. The 2014 model carries a base price of $23,500 — which is the ballpark of the new model as well. Looking sharp! 2015 Honda CR-V     HONDA …

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2015 Toyota iRoad and COMS Scooter Sharing In French Grenoble from October 1st!

   This would be a fun addition to any major city: 70 brand-new EV mobility machines from Toyota that can be rented with a smartphone at 27 city locations. Similar to other hourly car-sharing services, but cheaper and quicker and more fun. This is also a great way to introduce people to the EV three-wheeled i-Road and four-wheeled COMS. They are both fresh and clean designs of a car-person’s ideal motorbike: easy, safe and enclosed… with regular steering wheel! They look like fun. No word on the bike’s top road speeds… but Grenoble citizens will surely be flooring it soon …

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