2017 Jannarelly Design-1 Heads to First Owners!

A great startup launch story for Jannarelly Automotive this year.  From prototype to production in just a matter of months is a huge achievement.

The first ever JD1 is now in its happy owners hands in France, but the second is headed to NY!  The US distributor Vandouble is handling orders for the machines stateside, with around a six-month delivery timeframe.  Production is sold out until February 2018, Jannarelly tells us, so get your order in soon to be among the first owners.

As a recap, we have a mid-mounted V6 driving the back wheels and flyweight carbon construction to make the ~300HP really pack a punch.  As a reminder, the heavier Mazda MX-5 barely makes 150HP — so the JD1 is capable of mid-four-second sprints to 60-mph.  Even without the turbo engine we hope for in the future!

Three variants of the Design-1 are available to order, including the sexy new coupe.  This forward-tilting cowl brings the entire windshield and roof up and over the front hood to open the cockpit.


Accommodation is leather-lined but also deeply simple by design.  Also handier for this startup to outsource gauges and the like.

Once you pick a bodystyle, the customization options are essentially endless.  Wild candy colors, racing stripes and race liveries all look amazing on this dashing shape.  Check out a few build renderings and the latest photos from Jannarelly below.  And if you have around $100k seeking a new home… check out their website for more info / to place an order!


2017 Jannarelly Design-1 – Color Renders


Jannarelly JD-1 Latest Photos