Ford Says Goodbye To GT With Wild 2023 Ford GT Mk IV, 67 To Be Built, Costs $1.7 Million Dollars

The Ford GT was an enigma deep in the halls of the Ford Motor Company. When Ford announced that it was reviving the GT at a conference during the North American International Auto Show inside the now-demolished Joe Louis Arena, it was arguably one of the best-kept secrets in the industry, with the futuristic two-door grabbing the world’s attention. We had a chance to experience it both on the track and on the street where it proved to be a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sadly, the GT is going away after 2023, but Ford has prepared a final send-off model (for …

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2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition: Celebrates 1966 Daytona Win

When Ford released its brief teaser video of the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition, we knew that we were going to be in for a treat. The Heritage series have always served as a compelling window into the iconic history that has always followed the GT supercar. This time, Ford designers wanted to take the public back to 1966, when Ford put the lessons learned in its failures in 1965 and 1966, and created a GT40 that was primed and ready to make a splash in the racing circuit. The end result would see a car that would be a …

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Ford teases GT: Heritage Edition ahead of online reveal

The Peterson Automotive Museum has already snagged a number of interesting vehicle unveils for its annual Car week extravaganza. But Ford is aiming to help close out the event with a bang by unveiling an all new special edition variant of its seductive GT supercar. Ford chose to get things rolling with a short teaser video that it chose to blast across all forms of social media. The lighting is not the greatest in the video, but it appears that this particular Heritage Edition model will go in a slightly different direction. The video overlays the new model with the …

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2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon and Updated GT Heritage Models Bring More Performance And Weight Savings To GT

It has been awhile since we heard from Ford and its iconic GT supercar. When we last spent some time with it, it was on the mean streets of Woodward Avenue where the company allowed a select group of journalists (us included) to experience its charms during the lead up to the Woodward Dream Cruise. But while GT production may be reaching the home stretch, the company is still doing its part to sensure that each model is distinct and special. On that note, Ford has chosen to turn up the flames for 2020 with several performance upgrades as well …

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Best & Worst Of 2019 – Michigan Edition – By Carl Malek

Another year is drawing to a close, and that means it’s time to reflect on the good and not so things that defined the year in general. In our case, it’s time to reflect on some of the good and not so good cars that we reviewed during 2019. Like last year, the Michigan branch had a very busy year reviewing some of the best cars on the market today, and we even managed to add some new brands to our list of visitors as well. Like last year’s list, eligibility begins during the first week of January, and ends …

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First Drive Review – 2017 Ford GT – By Carl Malek

When Ford first revealed the 2017 Ford GT at the North American International Auto Show, it was arguably one of the best kept secrets at the show that year. It was also the best kept secret at Ford, with only a scant few knowing of its meager origins until the very end of its development cycle. Since then, the GT has been a very potent marketing tool for the company, and it has proven to be a very compelling piece of eye candy for millions of enthusiasts around the world. We first had our taste of GT infused bliss when …

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Ford Unveils Next Chapter Of GT Performance With Track Only 2020 GT MK II [Videos]

When we last checked in on Ford’s upcoming variant of its GT supercar, it was via a shadowy teaser image that gave few answers, and left us asking a lot of questions on what exactly Ford was up to? Fast forward to today’s unveiling at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and the blue oval has unveiled the next evolution of GT performance which it calls “the ultimate GT” offering. Dubbed the GT Mk II, it embraces this fresh start in earnest by throwing out any intent of being a road legal offering (though we suspect that won’t stop some of …

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Ford Teases Hardcore Version Of GT Ahead of Goodwood

We like a good surprise here at the office, and after Ford finally revealed the official performance numbers for the 2020 GT500 Shelby Mustang (our jaws still have not left the ground.) The Blue Oval has revealed the ultimate party favor for those still wanting a bit more from Ford Performance, a compelling tease of an all new variant of its seductively potent GT supercar.   Exactly what it brings to the table is still a mystery, but it’s obvious that this is not just another limited edition model with a snazzy paint job. The shadowy teaser image Ford released …

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Goodwood 2017 Festival of Speed – Hillclimb Mega Gallery in 200 Photos

Goodwood is as glorious as ever this year! It seems like every supercar that matters is at Lord March’s estate – along with thousands of adoring fans. The clear stars of the show are the glorious Ford GT and the Bugatti Chiron. And of course the Lamborghini Centenario and the Aston Martin Vulcan.   Don’t forget the new Pagani Huayra BC. And clearly the McLaren 720S and world-premiere 570S cabrio are worth seeing in action. Don’t forget the fresh-facelifted Maserati GranTurismo or a back-to-back look at the Panamera’s new choice of sedan or wagon bodystyles.  They’re all represented here! Watching …

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2015 Torino Design WildTwelve Concept

SHOCK! 2017 Ford GT Will Race LeMans 2016 – HD Track Test Video + 75 Photos

Alternative headline grabbers?   FTW! New Vmax Bomber! Shock & Awesome! Stormin’ Normandy! Ford Libs LeMans for 6th Time in 2016? Now on to this heartwarming news: the 2017 Ford GT supercar will race in Le Mans next year, the 50th anniversary of the Ford GT’s first win in 1966. Since 1944, we add 1967, 68 and 69 to reach five overall American trips to Le Mans, France. Le Sarthe for Ford means nothing less than agony, ecstasy and a lasting legacy. The 2016 24-hour race one year from tomorrow will mark a high water mark in Ford Performance’s return …

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2017 Ford GT Blue New 6

2017 Ford GT – Latest 200 Photos + Digital Colors Visualizer

Updated 6.12.15 Instead of the hundreds of custom shades and multiple angles, we only have a handful of digitally-rendered color options for the exciting Ford GT supercar. Why? It has been a long week of many frantic Detroit reveals, and Photoshop prefers to crash right when you are in the middle of something great. =] We are still trying to perfect a color—> black or color —> white transformation, but it is not easy to accomplish with respectable results. But was it a total loss? Not at all! Many of the new colors are very bold and shimmery; slinky and …

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2017 Ford GT in Liquid Silver 1

2017 Ford GT in Liquid Silver + Grey Racing Stripes Stuns Chicago

In most cases, you would not want to be splashed with liquid, molten silver. But when that silver is Ford Performance at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, all signs say: Dive in! The most striking new lines visible on the 2017 Ford GT in this new color are in the doors and lower sills. Here we see a huge level of pinched creasing, elaborate aero vents and intakes, and overall beauty to rival any Ferrari. 2017 Ford GT in Liquid Silver

ford gt1

Static Homepage Images BETA – Powered by the 2017 Ford GT

UPDATE Third update.  Still trying to figure this out. Just kidding. For boring technical reasons, the GIFs will be made static just for the main homepage and category pages. Post pages will act as normal. BETA Image UX: Animated GIFs Hey guys, Just a quick note about the user experience (UX) of the website. We’ve heard many times from many people that the animated GIFs were a problem. At minimum, slow-to-load …. and at maximum, an eyesore and turnoff from enjoying the content. Over the last two months, we’ve attempted to make things better with a far more relaxed pace …

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ford gt

Update1 – 2017 Ford GT Supercar Coming NEXT YEAR with ~700HP EcoBoost!

Holy **** folks, Ford just rocked Detroit with three of the biggest-news cars of the show so far: the new GT350R, 2017 Raptor and this, the stunning new Ford GT supercar. Have you ever seen something so gorgeous, innovative and hypercar-esque out of Dearborn? We have not. LaFerrari and P1-chasing style and tech are firmly in the equation, with the car a showcase for EcoBoost and carbon-fiber innovations in the Ford Motor Company. Watch this space for updated photos and videos shortly. 2016 Ford GT Supercar   Jan 12, 2015 | Detroit Ford Redefines Innovation in Aerodynamics, EcoBoost and Light-Weighting …

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