Insider: Car Buying Secrets That Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

Most people don’t really enjoy the process of being a car from a car dealership. In fact, used car salesmen and women are some of the least trusted professionals in the country. So how can you avoid being ripped off by one? Asking ‘What Is Your Best Price?’ Doesn’t Work The best way to approach the salesman in your local car dealership is to be up front. Tell them what you want, as asking questions like ‘what is your best price’ doesn’t work. At that point, the best price they can do is the one of the sticker. Keep in …

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Nissan R390 Amelia Concours 7

Auto Industry Insider: Business Opportunities for People That Love Cars

They say that getting a job in something you love is a bad idea because you slowly begin to hate it, but we just can’t see that as something that will come true. For instance, if you absolutely loved cars and had a job in buying and selling them for big profits, wouldn’t that be the dream? Car lovers around the world possess a lot of knowledge about vehicles. Whether it’s how to detail a car, vintage models or experience in repairing cars, there are countless opportunities that can lead to a full-time job or even your own business. So …

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