Insider: Car Buying Secrets That Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

Most people don’t really enjoy the process of being a car from a car dealership. In fact, used car salesmen and women are some of the least trusted professionals in the country. So how can you avoid being ripped off by one?

Asking ‘What Is Your Best Price?’ Doesn’t Work

The best way to approach the salesman in your local car dealership is to be up front. Tell them what you want, as asking questions like ‘what is your best price’ doesn’t work. At that point, the best price they can do is the one of the sticker.

Keep in mind that is car has been out on the forecourt for a while, it has probably already been discounted, so you might not get the deal you were hoping for.


Hit Dealerships At The End Of Sales Quarters

When the sale quarters are coming to an end, dealerships are keen to reach targets, and if that means selling a car at a loss to hit the bigger target, they will do it. Go at the end of a sales quarter to get the best price.


Rethink The Value Of Your Part-Exchange Vehicle

If you’re part-exchanging your old car the most sensible option is to have a figure in mind, which is what you’re prepared to pay for the cost of the new vehicle minus the value of your old one.


Getting hung up on the value of your old car won’t help the process. Be honest and upfront, so the dealer can see if they can make the deal work.


If the figure you want and the figure the salesman offers you aren’t too far apart, be prepared to leave your details, and then leave the dealership. This is a risk, but the dealership might call back with a better offer.


Don’t Be a Buyer Dealers Want to Avoid

There are some customers that car salesmen want to avoid, and they quickly learn who those people are.

Signs they look out for include looking at a lower value car and nitpicking every tiny detail, which is already priced in, and demanding a big discount. These people go through the paperwork in detail and make threats about their rights under the Consumer Rights Act or the Sales of Goods Act right away.

These customers can leave the dealerships with nothing because the dealership doesn’t want to deal with them.


Dealers Are Well Aware That Diesel Is Under Pressure

In the overall picture, diesel demand is falling. The dealership view is that too many diesels were sold, so now there is a glut on the market. Expect that to continue and for used dealers to know that you have lots of choice elsewhere, so making a deal could work in their favor.

Despite the fact that fewer people are looking for diesel cars, both on the new and used market, the value of older cars is going up as motorists are looking for more fuel-efficient models that avoid new taxation introduced by the government. Getting a discount on a new diesel model will be a lot easier.

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