Insider: 7 Luxury Car Brands That Can Be Affordable Through Leasing   

If you’re ready to visit the car dealership and pick out your brand new car to purchase, you may want to stop yourself and consider leasing. With a vehicle lease, you can potentially pay much less and drive a higher end car. A car with a reputation for luxury may not be in your reach for an outright purchase, but a lease agreement may help you drive home with it today. Here are seven luxury brands that offer affordable options for consumers who lease.

1. BMW

One of the top luxury brands that consumers strive for is BMW. This German based car manufacturer is known for an incredible driving experience and top car quality. For most middle class consumers, the only realistic way to drive a BMW is to buy a used model. If you opt to lease, however, you could reduce your cost significantly and drive away in the latest offering from BMW.

2. Audi

Audi is another car brand that drivers tend to stick with for a long period of time after owning one of their models. Audi also hails from Germany, and drivers love the focus on the driver’s experience in their car models. Audi owners also report high levels of dependability with their vehicles, sleek vehicle design, a comfortable ride, and a high level of performance. While the sticker price of a new Audi may be out of reach, a lease could be perfect for your finances.

3. Land Rover

Land Rover is a classic luxury car brand from the United Kingdom that many consumers dream about for a new car purchase. This brand has been a staple with British upper class for years. It’s reported that even Britain’s own Queen Elizabeth II drives a Land Rover. Drivers love the ruggedness of Land Rover vehicles and the high level of status associated with the brand. Some drivers also enjoy how simple the maintenance and repairs can be for a Land Rover, making the cost of driving reasonable.

4. Porsche

Driving a fast sports car may not be possible if you are limited only to models you must purchase. If you’ve always dreamed of having a Porsche in your driveway, you may be in luck if you go with a lease instead of attempting to buy one. Porsches are known for their speed and performance abilities on the road. Having a car that you can enjoy and experience excitement with each time you take a drive is possible with a Porsche. Leasing a model like this could be possible if you visit dealers like WWA.

5. Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz is another top car brand that is popular with drivers all around the world. Many consumers associate this German brand with class, style, and grace. Mercedes is a great choice if you’re looking for a luxury model that also has the highest standards in safety. Mercedes leases make this top brand affordable for most, and there are plenty of reasonably priced models that you can realistically drive on your income.

6. Tesla

One of the newest high-end car brands on the market is the Tesla. Tesla is one of the few luxury car brands that is based in America. The main selling point of a Tesla is the fact that it’s an electric car instead of a gas-powered vehicle. Teslas are some of the hottest models in the car industry, and there are even waiting lists to purchase them. If you can find a way to lease a Tesla, you’ll be certain to save money on the cost of fuel and the resale opportunities for this popular brand.

7. Cadillac

The classic Cadillac car brand has been an American standard of luxury for decades. Unlike some of the foreign luxury car brands, the Cadillac offers more options for the American consumer, such as SUV models and spacious cars with plenty of seating. While today’s Cadillacs are often large and not as friendly on the wallet for gas, you can save on your monthly payment if you opt to lease your vehicle instead of buy.

Not all cars are created equal, and luxury car brands may have something a little extra special that draws so many consumers to them. Buying a brand new luxury car is something that most people can’t afford, but if you really want a luxury car experience, a lease may make your dream of driving one of these cars a reality.