Fisker Ocean Goes Off Road With New Force E Off Road Concept, Latest Attempt At Bringing Electrification To The Trail

The Fisker Ocean is Henrik Fisker’s attempt to try and bring electrification to the bulk of SUV buyers. However, while the Ocean is sleek and stylish, it’s far from being a trail warrior with the model preferring to slink its way around urban roads. Fisker Inc is out to change that though with the company confirming that it’s developing an off-road focused Force E variant for the Ocean lineup.


Force E Brings Trail Ready Performance With A Pinch of Magic

While Fisker is still working on preparing the Ocean for U.S. consumers, deliveries of the model have already begun in Europe. This early success has perhaps inspired the company to drop confirmation that it is working on an all new Force E variant of the SUV. Fisker even released some details about the model which is under development at Fisker’s Magic Works specialty division which is based in England. The Force E will come equipped with 33-inch off-road tires that are mounted onto 20-inch reinforced alloy wheels. A titanium plate also helps protect the entire bottom of the Ocean from damage and the company claims that it will make an estimated 550-horsepower. Meanwhile, front and rear skid plates help protect the Ocean’s innards from rouge rocks and debris.

Fisker claims that the package can be retrofitted to Ocean Extreme and Ultra models which could be an attempt by the company to help expand availability to early reservation holders that might want to add the package to their Ocean later on. The interior is also slated to get upgraded including rubberized coverings, additional grab handles, tie downs and other upgrades that aim to make the cabin more resilient to abuse while also being easier to clean after a long day of trail running.


When Will We See It?

While Fisker was eager to share an impressive amount of details about the Force E, The one crucial detail that Fisker chose to keep close to the vest is an exact timeline for when the Force E will enter production. The company claims that the model would being mass production towards the end of 2023, but those plans are subject to change and we are curious to see if Fisker’s recent attempts at curbing spending will have any noticeable effect on the new model. That plan comes amid the company posting a cut in its production targets as well as higher than expected losses.