Fisker Unveils Bold Plans For Future, Debuts Alaska Pickup, Ronin Supercar and Pear

Fisker showed that it was off to a strong start when the company unveiled the Ocean all-electric SUV. The Ocean was a glimpse into how CEO Henrik Fisker would take full advantage of his second attempt at the EV market (after prior failures with VLF and the original Fisker company.) However, if the company wants to reach the maximum number of customers, it would have to expand the model lineup. Fisker has managed to do just that in a big way, with several models making their debuts during an event the company threw in California to help provide the Ocean …

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Fisker Ocean Goes Off Road With New Force E Off Road Concept, Latest Attempt At Bringing Electrification To The Trail

The Fisker Ocean is Henrik Fisker’s attempt to try and bring electrification to the bulk of SUV buyers. However, while the Ocean is sleek and stylish, it’s far from being a trail warrior with the model preferring to slink its way around urban roads. Fisker Inc is out to change that though with the company confirming that it’s developing an off-road focused Force E variant for the Ocean lineup.   Force E Brings Trail Ready Performance With A Pinch of Magic While Fisker is still working on preparing the Ocean for U.S. consumers, deliveries of the model have already begun …

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Fisker VLF F1 V10 Roadster Makes 745HP Shanghai Debut

The VLF Roadster is finally here!  Now this stunning machine offers two huge upgrades unavailable on any of its donor-chassis Vipers:  an automatic transmission and an open-air convertible! Despite Viper instantly meaning roadster to many people, the current gen snake has been all hardtops since the 2000s.  That staves you of the teacup drive mood of a high-doored supercar PLUS the endless headroom of going topless.   VLF F1 V10 Roadster at Automechanica Shanghai! My favorite part is the low front windscreen & sexy rear hips! — Henrik Fisker (@FiskerOfficial) April 23, 2017 The conversion here now only swaps …

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2016 BENETTI Fisker 50 – Diesel-Electric Hybrid Superyacht

When the name “Henrik Fisker” comes into conversation, vehicles like the Aston Martin DB9, BMW Z8, and his own vehicle, the Fisker Karma spring to mind. Being a world-renowned designer, it was only time before Fisker would design something without four wheels. Enter the yacht company Benetti. The collaboration between the man behind the Fisker Karma and Benetti yachts has created this: the Benetti Fisker 50 megayacht. The partnership with the two started about a year ago. As for the name, the 50 stands for 50 meters or 164 feet and shows off Fisker’s contemporary design. There are some intelligent …

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2017 VLF FORCE 1 V10 – FULL Launch Details, Price and Auto Option for 218MPH American Beauty

A new supercar is always a welcome surprise — and this one is like a gift that keeps on giving! The Force 1 V10 is the second launch model of rapidly-expanding VLF Automotive — a collabo and evolution on the VL Destino plans revealed in 2012. That car is now available for sale to owners as a Fisker Karma with an LS9 V8 engine swap instead of its previous turbo EREV powertrain.  A new nose and tail — now with quad square exhaust pipes — now tops out at 200-mph and delivers a 3.9-second sprint to 60-mph.  The unreal lowness of the four-seat …

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Galpin Fisker Rocket Convertible - Rear 3Q copy

2016 Galpin Fisker ROCKET Speedster Roars Onto Pebble Beach Concept Lawn

The Fisker Rocket makes a big entrance for itself no matter the venue. But the concept lawn at Pebble Beach Concours!? That is a big test of the car’s supercar style, futuristic appeal and up-close inspection of its details! Luckily, the carbon-fiber stunner of a Rocket looks stellar next to priceless hypercars and one-off design bucks. Half the cars on the concept lawn are rollers only, with some moved about atop dollies below fixed wheels and tires! So the conpetition for hearts, eyes and minds is steep. The Rocket Speedster is not just a chop-top of the coupe, to ensure …

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2015 Galpin-Fisker ROCKET Mustang 20

2015 Galpin-Fisker ROCKET Mustang Production Debut + Startup Video

The Galpin Auto Sports and Henrik Fisker ROCKET Mustang is official and headed to its first owners within the next few weeks! This jet-black example at Amelia Island is the first production model — which we snapped rumbling around Amelia Island Concours last week. Also included here is a brief exhaust snippet from startup — at least two octaves deeper than the factory exhaust, that is for sure!  The 725HP puts out a ridiculous amount of heat from those quad pipes as well….! 2015 Galpin-Fisker ROCKET Mustang PREVIOUS A huge number of incredible photos to share from Amelia Island Concours …

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2015 Fisker ROCKET Silver 66

Amelia Island – 2015 Fisker ROCKET in 100 New Photos in Liquid Silver

A huge number of incredible photos to share from Amelia Island Concours 2015!  Let’s kick off the data download with the absolutely stunning 2015 Fisker Rocket from Galpin Auto Sports. This is the prototype first shown at SEMA in November, with its $50,000 paintjob as stunning now as it was then. But it is not the flake that really makes the Fisker Rocket such an event of a car. The dramatic and tasteful design is uniquely altered from all angles, to the point where the car’s Mustang GT base-point is no longer immediately visible. A very, very special car. The …

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fisker rocket gif

2015 Fisker Rocket Is Shockingly Sexy Mustang via Galpin Auto Sports

Henrik Fisker’s design talent has never been in question. To see his ideas for a hot Mustang meet reality via Galpin Auto Sports is very gratifying — because the result is gorgeous! Most special elements outside the stunning widebody front and rear fenders? The new nose is a very appealing take on the 2015 Mustang’s design, and the rear end with giant Rocket badging is nothing short of breathtaking. 2015 Fisker Rocket Mustang The 2015 Ford Mustang ‘Rocket’ is Here! “When Henrik Fisker showed me his ideas, I got chills – it’s literally the most beautiful Mustang I have ever …

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