Fisker Ocean Goes Off Road With New Force E Off Road Concept, Latest Attempt At Bringing Electrification To The Trail

The Fisker Ocean is Henrik Fisker’s attempt to try and bring electrification to the bulk of SUV buyers. However, while the Ocean is sleek and stylish, it’s far from being a trail warrior with the model preferring to slink its way around urban roads. Fisker Inc is out to change that though with the company confirming that it’s developing an off-road focused Force E variant for the Ocean lineup.   Force E Brings Trail Ready Performance With A Pinch of Magic While Fisker is still working on preparing the Ocean for U.S. consumers, deliveries of the model have already begun …

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Gangster Glam! 2017 Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet

How to describe the overall mood of this machine? A smiling villain?  With a cackle of a laugh as he switches his rifle to full automatic — and wails on his enemies? Or perhaps old money royals seeking the ultimate in rolling cash. And certainly a handful of loaded Chinese individuals.  Maybe even a William Morris or CAA agent on the top of his or her game, too. Just 300 units of the S650 will be made, and they sticker at a whopping $300k.  Nice round numbers to go with this artful balloon of a machine?  It is only in …

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