2020 Genesis G70 Sport RWD V6TT – Road Test Review + Drive Video

Every midsize premium sport sedan thinks it can dethrone the 3 series.   Beat BMW at their own game with the best engineering they can muster to make a relatively practical four-door sedan as playful and fun as the best sport coupes in the world.

The 3 series might be king of the comparison tests but in truth all sedans in this price and size category are also chasing another prize: the top-selling Tesla Model 3.  It comfortably outsells the Euro premium brand sedans this size – combined.   But electric performance and the blob-like design of the Model 3 mean it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  Certainly not hardcore petrolheads like us!

Stiff competition indeed for the new-badge and new-model Genesis G70 sedan.  This car has debuted to absolutely rave reviews and several car of the year gongs.  That alone tells you that this shortened, lighter and stiffer sibling of the new Kia Stinger is a heck of a vehicle.

At the risk of being repetitive…. the entire week I spent driving the G70 had me nodding, grinning and giggling in agreement with Motor Trend.  The G70 really is fantastic fun.  It has style, character, comfort and value all completely aced.  This is a seriously fast machine that is a rockstar class-leader right out of the gate.  All while costing around $12k less than the similarly-engined BMW 340i.  

All of this means you DEFINTIELY need to drive this vehicle if in the market for any four-door sedan.  For many people, it will be the best car they’ve ever driven.   It’s so good that your humble author is deeply tempted to lease one with the incredibly generous special deals that are out there as we wrap up a dismal 2020 for automakers.  The deal is frankly amazing – with extra pressure to clear these first G70s because of an upcoming facelift to the new V-shield Genesis grille.   I think this one looks outstanding just as it is — and you will too.

The only things that might irk is the somewhat tight rear legroom and trunk.   The adjustment of front seat (to scoot it forward) via buttons on side of seat by center armrest is genius!

Besides that, everything in this vehicle is sublime.  The limited-slip differential in back of the G70 Sport RWD eliminates the big-brother G80 Sport’s annoying quirk of intrusive traction control off the line.

This G70 Sport is a MUST DRIVE vehicle. Absolutely phenomenal.

Agility, Rigidity and Refinement set this machine far above its Kia Stinger sibling. 200 pounds less weight and 4 inches less wheelbase than Stinger pays dividends in how this machine sprints and devours corners. Better steering than the 3 series. Quicker than C300. Triple the character of any Audi A4.

Cheaper than all of them, and even better too. And yes, those are the G70 Sport’s stats in the video title!   I had a lot of fun shooting this one and hopefully that comes through in the tape.





2020 Genesis G70 Sport RWD