2015 Rally Fighter PRO By Taggart Autosport Brings Configurable Options + 3 New Transmission Choices

2015 Rally Fighter PRO By Taggart Autosport

If there is one downside to the Local Motors Rally Fighter, it might be that the spec sheet is a little dry. Where are the wild suspension upgrades, rhino bars and upgraded seats, wheels and detailing? Typically, this type of aftersales upgrade and accessorizing is all on the buyer’s shoulders.

Taggart Autosport has stepped into this middle ground to custom-build and finalize a Rally Fighter to your exact specs. They call it the Rally Fighter Pro.

The four suspensions and transmission choices are perhaps the biggest substantive upgrade to the factory setup – which is a bulletproof but less-than-modern three-speed GM truck slushbox. Two more recent GM automatics are offered, with the six-speed and paddle-shifted 6L90E looking like the sweet spot of the range. A manual five-speed is available for those who want to handle all the shifts themselves.

The rest of the build-out options below are all solid improvements on the already-awesome Rally Fighter theme. Tinted windows and Recaro seats for us. Definitely.

Fully prepped and finished, it is easy to add $25k or so to the sticker base price of $108,000.

One question: where is the roof-less Rally Ragster?!


2015 Rally Fighter PRO By Taggart Autosport




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