2025 Ram 1500 REV Debuts Ahead Of Super Bowl, Will Be Brands First EV Pickup

It wasn’t too long ago that the Ram Revolution EV concept truck made its debut at the 2023 CES show in Las Vegas. We even had the chance to see it ourselves at the Chicago Auto show and we wondered how long it would before we saw the production version of the Revolution in a TikTok video we did. Thankfully, Ram execs were just as impatient as we were, and have released several photos of the 2025 Ram 1500 REV pickup ahead of its Super Bowl debut.


Ram REV Shortens Name, Goes In Conventional Direction

The Ram Revolution concept came loaded to the gills with show car technology and style including a neat set of Rolls Royce inspired suicide doors. However, practicality (and perhaps the cries of bean counters) won the day and the production version of the Ram Revolution now known as the Ram 1500 REV goes about things a bit differently. The suicide doors are gone, but like the Ford F-150 Lightning, Ram designers decided to stick with a proven recipe and used the Ram 1500 ICE model as a core platform for the EV, with the REV getting the concept’s front fascia as well as a reworked version of the taillights. While this is not the revolutionary look that Ram was promising, it does allow the truck to comply with Federal safety regulations while also adjusting to the needs of scale production.


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The interior also looks very similar to the ICE model and while Ram’s commercial (dubbed “Premature Electrification”) only provides a glimpse inside. It’s obvious that the cabin pitches much of the gimmickry seen in the show truck for a look that also mirrors what’s already seen in the ICE Ram 1500. The infotainment system is an example of this and the large uConnect screen is no different with the menu structure resembling other Ram products albeit with REV exclusive graphics and content. The REV also gets the front mounted screen that we have seen in several Jeep models, and this would be the first Ram product to feature the display.

Unfortunately, Ram’s photo dump didn’t include details about the truck’s underpinnings including whether the REV is still based on the STLA electric frame platform. We suspect that it might be but it’s unknown whether the production version of the STLA underpinnings will maintain some of the flexibility and novel charging features that Ram featured alongside the original concept.


When Can I Buy One?

While we get to wait a while to hear more about the Ram 1500 REV, Ram reps did confirm that the truck will enter production sometime next year, with the mode potentially appearing as an early 2025 model. Pre-ordering is now open at RamREV.com with potential buyers only needing to place a one time $100 deposit to reserve their place in the order books. A separate REVinsider+ program gives buyers more perks including access to exclusive events, Ram REV news, and more. In the meantime we have included Ram’s Super Bowl ad and a photo gallery below.